Cookie Monster Cables

This is the sweater I’ve only been working on since last summer. It’s actually my first knitting project, so I’m giving myself some slack. I got a book from Joann’s on how to teach yourself to knit and, in typical Alisa style, jumped right to the last project in the book, skipping all the beginner scarves, etc. It only had one size for the sweater. Not my size, natch. So I got out the handy-dandy calculator and changed almost every row. I really wish I had thought out the stripe effect at the joining a little better. Because it’s full-fashioned, the stripes meet at odd places and I don’t like the visual effect. The underside of the sleeves looks as if it’s “twisting” around to the front, but it’s just where the cable rows meet and it gives it that “wobble” effect. When I tried it on, I discovered that it’s not long enough, so I scoured the internet to find a free lace pattern that would mimmic the scallop lace at the top. I ran across

In the picture of the pattern it really looks scallopped, but when I made it up it looks more like a pineapple design at the bottom. I’m going with it anyway. It’s not such a bad match and I really would like to get this sweater finished before it’s too hot to wear it!

This is a picture of the neck lace. Thanks Liesel for the help, I would have been trying to figure out the YO forever by myself! I can’t believe how differently the colors look. The one with the lace on it is the closest to the real “cookie monster” color. This is a microspun yarn, so it feels delicious!


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  1. Felicia

    Wow! Since this is your first project, I have one thing to say:

    You were born to knit!

    I love that bright, clear turquoise blue. The entire sweater is goregous, and I’m sure you’ll finish it before it’s too warm to wear it.

    We’ll probably still have snow up until May!

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