Rachel’s Prom Dress

This is the Prom dress I made for Rachel. Rachel initially contacted me through my add on Craigslist.com. We were several e-mails into talking about her dress when I figured out that she did NOT live her locally in Colorado Springs, but lives in St. Louis! I told her it would be possible to do the dress long distance if we had enough time. She absolutely wanted a copy of the dress Charlize Theron wore to the Golden Globes, but wanted it in yellow satin.

I’m really hoping to get some pictures from Rachel of her in the dress. It wouldn’t fit on my dress form, so I had to just pin it to the front to get the pic. There ARE supposed to be wrinkles across the bodice part, but they wouldn’t pull out and look right just pinned to the dress form. I’m also not terribly happy with the look of this design in satin. Although I did line it with organza, I’m still not happy with the slightly “bubbled” look around the skirt fullness.

It has a complete inner bodice with several spiral steel bones, including boning over the bust part. I was concerned about the tightness of the fit with it being strapless, so included bones to hold up the curve of the top as well.

It’s been an adventure making this long distance, but it’s nice to know that it is something I can do.


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