The Cookie Monster Cable Saga continues….

Where are the sleeves to my sweater? Yup, frogged ’em. After I got the entire thing made and had all the seams sew together…. I decided the sleeves just didn’t work. A meriad of problems began with these:

*too small around the wrists
*too short by enough to be noticed
*decreased too sharply (causing a “twisting” effect where the cables met at the seams)

So I thought about it….and thought about it some more….and then decided to just do it (frog it, that is). This sweater has been more about discovering the zen quality of learning to knit again (which I haven’t done since aunt Leta & I made a basketweave purse when I was 10) and learning to like the process instead of the end result (which is what has kept me away from the needles for 20 plus years). I also decided it was a heck of a lot of work to put into a project that I wouldn’t wear. I don’t wear things that aren’t comfortable and I wouldn’t have worn this with the sleeves the way they were.

So, when’s it going to be done? Maybe in time to wear when the weather turns this fall. Maybe…My needles are itching to start some other projects.

I’ve already bought yarn to make the girls some darling coordinating cable sweaters from Debbie Bliss. The middle yarn is actually a very rich plum purple. I can’t remember the name of the book the patterns came out of. I’m cheap and just copied the patterns I wanted out of a book at the library. It’s really great, soft, very loud colors of cotton and I’m itching to get started. Typical Alisa style, I’m going to color-block these sweaters instead of making them all one color!

I’ve also got my eye on a shrug pattern to go with the sleeveless dress I’ve got sitting in my closet waiting for it’s debut at this year’s conference. I may put down the cookie monster cable yet again to do the shrug. After all, I need it sooner!

O.K. I’m closing this post. I just had to run TWO BLOCKS down the street after a ball that rolled away. I am SO out of shape.


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