Knot Again

What is this, you ask? Olivia has been doing some sort of weird knot ritual with her laundry. Not that this in any way helps her put it IN the laundry hamper. I found these under her bed. Perhaps there’s some bit of Zen quality to taking off your clothes and tying them up. Maybe I should try it.

p.s. please excuse the nasty dirt smudges on the washing machine. I know the actual place where you put your clothes to make them clean is an odd place to be filthy dirty. If you come to my house expecting that whole cleanliness/godliness thing, you are in for a RUDE awakening. … (but come by anyway, we can chat on the couch in the midst of the 57 stuffed animals and other toys that my children seem to believe live there and we’ll have tea. I’ll give you the one coffee cup that doesn’t have permanant smudges on the bottom)


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