Baby Pinkie Don’t Leave Me!

As I write this, I’m having serious concerns about being blown away to Kansas. I only driven through Kansas (unless you count that one night we stayed at a motel when Tim and B.J. helped us move ourselves, our 9 billon pounds of crap and our 3 kids across the country) but I don’t think I really like Kansas. Batten down the hatches, me maties!

O.K. It’s just a litte rain coming, maybe some snow. But the wind really is kicking it up out there. We have all our windows open due to the paint guy coming and starting the laquering (sp?, I can’t figure out how to get the spell check to work on this blogspot thing) and the fumes in here are thick enough to cut with a knife.

Zoe and Kevin just left for the store to get precious Milk (without which our children are reduced to drivelling lumps of whine). Olivia had drawn this awesome chalk picture of a pinkie (flamingo in Beck jargon) for Zoe the other day and before Zoe left she wanted me to snap a picture of it before the rain washes it away. Zoe’s latest obsession is pink flamingos. Here’s a picture of a small portion of her stash.

Sadly, the driveway pinkie will have left us by morning. Good thing we have these guys to get us through the trauma.


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