I just got off the phone with Mama. Daddy has to have a heart cath on Wednesday morning. Daddy had a massive heart attack last July. 100% blockage in the left descending ventricle. Known as “the widow-maker”. Mama drove him to the hospital. He went in to asystole 3 times on the table. He had 2 stints put in piggy backed. Now something is wrong and they don’t know what until they get in there with the cath. Maybe the stints (which can not be removed) aren’t working right. Maybe there is further blockage above or below the stints. He’s 57 years old.

Depending on what they find, he may have to have by-pass surgery Thursday or Friday.

My Daddy. It’s too much for words.



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2 responses to “Daddy

  1. Lauri

    I will pray that all turns out well and for God’s peace and comfort to surround you and your family during this uncertain time.


  2. Alisa_Benay

    Thanks Lauri,
    I am always comforted by just knowing the Presence community is out there. There’s nobody like it anywhere.


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