Oh, to be naked in peace!

I need a shower. Seriously. It’s not pretty. You wouldn’t want to be within 5 feet of me right now. I don’t.

I’m still in the stage of life where my showers have to be scheduled at everyone else’s convience. I am however, past the stage of life where I have to have company while attending to my cleanliness needs. (This stage of life ended when Quentin and Kevin where watching TV one night and a Victoria’s Secret commercial came on. Quentin said “wook, see (she) got boobies like mawmee’s!”. After that, Kevin decided no one should come in and just sit and watch me shower. Thank you Jesus.)

I couldn’t take one this morning because Kevin was working upstairs. We’re having construction work done in his office and he’s been totally displaced for a couple of weeks. If I had left the munchkins to their own devices while he was trying to work, I’m sure they would have done, said, screamed, or broken something that would have seriously hindered him trying to work. I feel bad for him being displaced and am trying to be sensitive to this.

Right now the kids are watching “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. One would think this is the oportune time to sneak out and scrub-a-dub, but then again, one has not met my kids. The current fights are over Elmo’s underpants. Quentin is holding Elmo, Elmo has on underpants. Quentin is across the room from Zoe, but somehow Zoe “made” Elmo’s underpants fall down. Quentin got up, went across the room and hit Zoe with Elmo, Zoe drop kicked Quentin and Olivia tattled (in Zoe’s favor this time). ……Quentin, Zoe, and Olivia are the real children in this story, Elmo is the inanimate toy ( just in case you Sesame Street fans got confused with us naming one of our children after an orange monster puppet).

Soooo…do I chance it? I’m going to have to. I’ve got library books overdue and I don’t think they let vagrants in. I could easily pass for one right now!



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2 responses to “Oh, to be naked in peace!

  1. Thinking

    You do not know how much it means to me to know that showers, at least a decent one, has to be timed just right. Oh how Quintin and Zoe sound so much like my two. Fighting, ‘That’s Mine!’, Aliah hit me, Hani pulled my hair, etc. etc. etc. and then there are the bottomless pits, hungry constantly…………..need to go get someone off the kitchen counter. Diana

  2. Alisa_Benay

    Mine NEVER eat, at least the youngest two. And sometimes I write down what they are fighting about b/c it’s so completely stupid if I don’t have some sort of documented record of it, even I won’t believe it later on!

    Do you journal for your kids? I buy those little blank day calendars and a couple of times a week write down what they said or did. They are extremely funny to go back and read a couple of years later.

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