Arika’s sarong

These are the pictures of Arika’s sarong. Arika is having a beach wedding.

They aren’t in any particularorder. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to layout several pictures on a spread in blogspot. You’ll have to just scroll up and down and follow along.

The first and last pictures are of the beggining of the draping process. There will be turqoise fabric under the bodice as well as the skirt, but I stopped taking pictures before I got the turquoise bodice cut and draped. Arika may want a little less gathers at the neck, but I always like to have too much fabric and be able to cut away excess, than to have less than the client wants.

As I went around the bodice with the draping, I figured out that, layed out on the bias, I would be able to go all the way around to the back with one piece, instead of having to insert a side seam. I’m very pleased with this. (you can see this in the next to last picture). When I did the cut-away and tied the knot in back, I discovered that the knot is very bulky. Arika & I discussed this in our original consultation and she’s open to using a swimsuit bra hook (the “S” shaped kind) and using a fake knot to reduce the bulky look in the back. This will also allow us to pre-determine where the gathers at the back will lay, rather than Arika and her attendants trying to fuss with it right before the ceremony. While the material is chiffon, the bulk comes from the embroidery and sequins.

There are 2 pictures that show the skirt as well. The same problem occurs with the bulky knot of the white layer. I have cut both the turquoise and the white layer extra big in order to really decide what we like, so we may be able to reduce the bulky look of this knot simply by making the sarong less wide.

Things to be decided at the fitting:
1) how much fullness is really wanted at the neckline
2) line of bodice edge (going from neck, under arm, to back)
3)how short to make the bottom of the bodice (i.e. midriff showing, or not)
4)whether or not to finish the sides and bottom of the bodice together
5)width and length of sarong skirt and solve problem of bulky knot
6)edge finish technique, samples to be shown


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