The baptism of the Bible…OR… "How I discovered the Holy Writ of YHWH is all wet"

Last night I spent over an hour blow-drying the Bible. Kevin had to do the Zone at Tim’s house because his office isn’t inhabitable yet. After supper the girls went up to their room and played quietly together for nearly an hour. During this time Quentin was also playing quietly….in the bathroom. Somehow he managed to get nearly a 1/4 inch of water to stand on the bathroom counter. I don’t understand the physics of it, but it happened. Also on the bathroom counter for God only knows what reason was Zoe’s baby dedication bible with toilet paper tucked randomly in the pages for bookmarks. The toilet paper soaked up the water and drenched the bible from the inside out.

Oh, and in the background of this picture is yet another member of our “pinkie” (flamingo) collection. This one is the candy jar in the kitchen.


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