My freak quotient

Kevin always say my freak quotient is higher than the average person. Here’s a list of people that have accosted me in the last month:

*The dude at Walmart that got out of his car and was shaking his fist at me because I drove off without putting my cart back in the cart return. (the cart return was no where near my car and Zoe was having a complete meltdown. hmm…imagine that, Zoe having a meltdown and walmart!)

*The parking police lady at Olivia’s school. 5 weeks before school is out, she took it upon herself (she’s not really in the parking police) to bodily lean in my car window and tell me that where I’ve been parking for the entire school year to pick up Olivia wasn’t where I should park and that I was going to kill someone and that I could take “her” spot. When I looked over at where she was parked, it was under a “no parking within 30 feet” sign.

*The dance class mom that asked me why I thought I was better than everybody else at picture night. She was waiting in line for individual pictures and Zoe’s class was going in front of the line to have class pictures made. I was just following the teacher.

*The mom that, upon hearing that my husband was in ministry, made the faulty assumption that I was a “right-wing” christian and asked me about the quality of the public school we send our children to. Then she proceeded to tell me she didn’t want her children learning “liberal crap, like Chanukah and homosexuality”.

*The 60 year old woman at Joann’s that pulled her car into the empty parking spot beside where I had just pulled in. I was opening my car door to get out (which is something most people do directly after parking their car) and she raised her fist out the window and yelled “hey *$#&@, hold a minute and wait on your elders!”

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m sure there have been a couple more, I’ll let you know when I think of them. Sheesh. Does this stuff happen to other people?


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