apparently you CAN say penis at the park

At the park the other day, I found Quentin in conversation with another mom about his penis. I told Kevin about the incident and Kevin said “well, she’s a …”MOM”…apparently she’s seen a penis before”

So I guess there’s a catagory for the “when you CAN say penis” list. (see my very first post)



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2 responses to “apparently you CAN say penis at the park

  1. Pastor Doug Hoag

    My five-year-old isn’t allowed to say “poop”, except in the bathroom. So sometimes he runs to the bathroom just to say the word.

    “I have to go (run, run, run, run)… POOP!”


  2. Alisa_Benay

    Yeah, we try to dis-allow “potty talk” in public. We try, just don’t succeed. There’s no stopping Quentin when he gets started (see my very first post about talking to Mrs. Navella about penises).

    He’s a riot. I’ve learned so much more about boys through him than I ever learned from having a dad, brother, or husband.

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