What I will do for money

I’ve had some interested sewing jobs pop up lately. One was a lady in Houston that has a children’s wear line. She was interested in me doing production work for her and sent me a sketch and fabric with the instructions to just “interpret” the sketch. No measurements or anything. I did EXACTLY what she asked for in the sketch and sent it back to her. She was extremely put out that I did one inch ruffles instead of 1 1/2 inch, that the skirt was 14 inches instead of 12, etc., etc. and informed me that she won’t be able to pay me for the sample work I did for her because of my lack of professionalism. I laughed.

Then today I had an inquiry from a company in Peublo that wants to know if I am interested in making cloth sanitary napkins for them. Weird. (and yet, I’m going to call them)

I stop at making those dumb clothes for ceramic geese. I mean, I’ve got to have standards.


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