I feel like crap

My head is congested
My eyes itch to the point I feel like I can’t keep them open
My thoat hurts
My nose won’t stop running even after sudafed
I’m exhausted

I thought it was hay fever, but now I’m thinking it’s got to be a cold. Great, now I’ll get bronchitis. I’ve got way too much to do this week to be sick.

To top that all off, I just had to leave playgroup b/c Zoe and Quentin were screaming and punching each other. They SCREAMED the entire way home “why did we have to leave, we’re not fussing!!!”

I need a vacation.



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2 responses to “I feel like crap

  1. Lauri

    I hope you were still able to get your haircut, that always makes me feel a little better.


  2. Alisa_Benay

    thanks lauri, I got about 10 inches cut off my hair and had it highlighted as well. I can’t breath, but my hair is pretty darn cute!

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