I’m a finalist

I got a call yesterday morning from Simplicity Pattern Co. in New York saying that I’m a finalist in the American Sewing Guild competition. The link is to last years winners, but it shows what the contest is. I wanted to make a finalist position this year, so I’ve accomplished my goal.

I’ve had a series of somewhat professional disappointments lately, so accomplishing at least this goal has been affirming. ….Then I did Kevin’s little phycotic test (scroll down to “I’m a phyco”) and learned that I’m hystrionic, needing confirmation and affirmation from others. Well, it also said I tend to dress sexually provocatively. Unless you count my holey britches (see my post on April 27th), I’m not so sure about that one.

Anyhoo, I find out the finalist results by June 30th. Wish me luck.


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