Sweet Jesus, we did NOT sing this, did we?

Something happens when music goes to the inner santum of my brain. Whatever little nook and crannie it is that is supposed to store the information has some kind of faulty wiring and sort of jumbles things up and then it all comes all a bit skewed. The words that I remember from songs are oh so close, but not quite right. I am completely incapable of remembering band names as well. I don’t know how that figures into the mix, but it’s equally true.

Kevin’s favorite example of this is the song “shout” (yeah, don’t ask me who sings it), you know, it goes “shout, shout, let it all out”, except that’s the song that went in…the song that came out was “shout, shout, rat it all out”. When this happens with rock tunes, I just think to myself “no, that does not make sense, but these people were probably on acid when they wrote it, so it doesn’t need to”. My friend Scooter who lived down the hall from me in college (co-ed dorm) used to do acid and come to our room and try to crawl in the toaster. I can only imagine what would have come out if he was trying to write songs. So I never really question whether or not I’m going around humming the right words. …Except sometimes Kevin hears me humming. …Then he falls down laughing so hard he cries. …20 minutes later, when he has recovered his whits, he tells me the right words. Of course, I will not remember the right words, my brain has already re-wired the song.

Kevin will often offer me $100 if I can tell him the name of the band that sings the tune we’re listening to on the radio. In 14 years, the only one I’ve gotten right was KC and the Sunshine Band (which I said was KC and the Sunshine Factory, but he loves me and thinks my little re-wiring problem is precious and gave it to me anyway). The funny thing about this is that KC and the Band/Factory were before my time. There are certain iconic things that define the age difference with me and Kevin. KC is one of them. Kevin listened to KC and the Sunshine Band/Factory on the radio….I had never heard of them before I met Kevin. None-the-less, they stand as the only guess I’ve ever gotten right. And I’ve tried countless times.

I said all that so that you would better understand the song rattling around in my head last week:

Careless soul, why will you linger
wandring from the fold of God
Hear you not the invitation,
Oh prepare to meet your doom.

O.K. I know that’s not the real words (b/c I asked Kevin), but isn’t that what we really meant?

Sweet Jesus.



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