FQ, really…I’m not making this up

My freak quotient for the day included the following:

I took the kids to the mall today. We got kids meals from DQ which comes with a kids ice cream cone for dessert. As we were finishing up our cones and cleaning our mess off the table, I had my hand on the stoller (yeah don’t give me grief about still using the stoller for children who weren’t even toddler’s recently. You try taking my three offspring to the mall by yourself without hand held devises!) and I felt a hand on top of mine. I turn and look and it’s this little old stooped over wrinkled up lady. She says to me “honey, do you know where the kiosk is that’s selling ephedra? The government just lifted the ban & I haven’t had any in sooo long.” I turn around and look and sure enough, just down the walk way is a kiosk selling ephedra. I didn’t say where it was, just something vague like “I hadn’t heard that”. I do not want to be responsible for her having a stroke. What did she need ephedra for in the first place?

It’s my odor. I attract freaks. Just saying that makes me remember back in Jr. High, my friends used to make fun of me for attracting all kinds of freaks. One time they bought a can of spray deoderant and made a fake label for it that said “freakoderant” to try to help me repel them. Apparently it can’t be done.



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4 responses to “FQ, really…I’m not making this up

  1. Lauri

    What’s a kiosk?


  2. Alisa_Benay

    those little places that sell mobile phones, or plastic shoes, etc. out in the middle of the isle at the mall.

  3. chris

    I can relate. My wife says I am a goober magnet!! If there is a goober with in 100 yards they will find me!

  4. Anonymous

    Best regards from NY! » »

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