What am I doing wrong?

I just spent an hour looking through all the other sewing blogs I’ve bookmarked. What I can’t figure out is how you people have soo much time to sew. Why don’t I? O.K. O.K. maybe spending an hour blogstalking isn’t the best way to have spent an hour. Maybe I could have been sewing. Well, not really. I currently have 4 children upstairs slamming doors, screaming, and trying to get the littlest one to streak buck naked down the street. It seems that retreating to my sanctuary in the basement might be somewhat neglectful.

I want to sew! I can’t wait for school to start Monday, maybe, just maybe…I can actaully sew then. A friend asked me if I was excited about the kids going back to school. I said “somehow 1 1/2 out of 3 just doesn’t really feel ‘there’ for me yet”

Olivia (8) = 3rd grade
Zoe (6) = Kindergarten (um, for the 2nd time, we’ll not talk about that)
Quentin (4) = home with me. preschool was too dang expensive.

So, this is where unprotected sex has gotten me. 🙂 No sewing. Only naked little people running down the street. Well, at least my lifes got flavor!



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2 responses to “What am I doing wrong?

  1. cmarie12

    All I can say is that, “this too shall pass!” Hey been there, done that! I did not have much sewing time when my girls were little. I had to get very creative to get something done. I moved their playroom next to my sewing area in the basement and set up a TV & vcr that literally played Disney movies all day so that I could sew. And on weekends I would nap with them and then when they went to bed stay up half the night to sew. And I made much simplier garments! *LOL* Seriously, it gets better as they get older and want to spend more time with their friends and not their corny old parents! “This too shall pass!”

  2. Gigi

    My answer: One child, now in college six hours away. This will pass, they need less attention as they get older and then they’ll leave home and you’ll spend a lot of time crying and missing them while you’re sewing. 🙂

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