Brooke’s wedding gown

I have several pics from the process of Brookes wedding dress. I’m very frustrated with how blogger loads my pictures (always at the top, never where my curser is) so I don’t know how many I’ll actually show you before I start cursing.

Brooke is having a simple garden wedding. She wanted a formal gown that reflected the casual feel of the intimate outdoor wedding. Here’s how it’s going:

This is the coutil interlining. My opinion is that almost every gown should be able to stand up on it’s own if you hold it at the waist. My gowns consist of self/shell underlined in silk organza (yummm…I love what silk organza does for a gown. The crispness, the body, the full look of the seams, the swish when you walk…), then the coutil layer with spiral steel bones and grossgrain waist stay, then the lining. Sometimes I put a layer attached to the bottom of the coutil with netting to fill out the skirt. That just depends on the style.

Here’s the progress on the shell:There are obvious issues with the fit over the bust. I think I cut the self and the under lining the same instead of remembering to make the self 1/8″ bigger per seam, which is what I usually do. Also, it’s not clipped on the curved seams yet.

This is the “bustled” view, forgot to snap a pic before we pinned up to measure for the bustle hook. I’m hoping that the addition of the waist stay and grading will take out the stress lines pointing towards the waist in back. The pins over the hips are due to Brooke wanting the skirt more fitted on her hips than originally planned.

Another fitting for this one on Wed to determine:
* if the take up at hips is enough
*to look at edge finishing samples
*to re-visit the puckers over bust after minor alterations have been made
*to determine if waist stay and grading to enough to eliminate waist stress in back
*exact zipper placement


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