It’ll make you go blind

I’ve spent the past month with shingles in my eye. There are still 3 shingles on my cornea that we just “wait and watch”. I would say “wait and see”, but it hits too close to home. You can loose your eye sight from shingles in your eye and while we are “waiting” and “watching” these lovely things grow on my eye, blindness is still on the table.

I also now have to take a drug (neurontin) that makes me very tired and sluggish. I feel about 2 steps behind in conversations and have trouble making myself get out of bed in the mornings. Nice. I get to be like this for 6 months.

Nothing to do but just sit back and love what is. What is right now is an unwanted, uninvited virus running lose in my body. Hard to embrace the ultimate turn-around: “The shingles should have me”.


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