My Christmas list…just in case you need to get me that last minute gift

**Bernina 730E $8000
**Evolve New Wave Serger $2500
**Feet for Evolve $1000
**Other stuff I’m sure I’ll need
with these two machines $1000 (better plan for, just to be safe)
**Cameo from Wild Ginger $3000
**Silk Fabric, paint, lace, etc. for my new collection, being launched later this year $1000
**Design-A-Knit Pro version 7 $500
**Some additional do-hickeys to go with my knitting machine (I’ll address the fact that I’m going to start knitting with it again in my New Year’s Resolution post) $500
**Yarn for knitting …let go with $500
**Laptop I’ll need to work with
all these machines $1200
**Professional shelving for my studio $4000
**New lighting for my studio $1000
**Wood floor for my studio
including installation $750 (just a guess, not for sure about this one)

Really…I’m just a simple girl with simple needs.

By the way, if anyone wants a Pfaff 7550 with tons of additional feet and the users guide, just let me know. Mine is about to get pitched out the window. We are no longer on speaking terms and I can’t get quality work done with my current anger level at just seeing it sitting around my studio learing at me. I think it would be “better suited” (a term my sorority used) with a different partener.



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2 responses to “My Christmas list…just in case you need to get me that last minute gift

  1. Mary Beth

    Ohhhh, I am so glad you’re getting back into your knitting machine! Yay! What kinds of yarns are you thinking about?

    Why is your Pfaff 7550 misbehaving? Did you tell it the story about the lady who ran over her machine that was ornery?

  2. Alisa_Benay

    I did production sewing for someone over the course of 7 years (off and on…she did craft shows and I would just help her out whenever things got busy…oh, and one year she & I did 5000 shirts for Cracker Barrel).

    Anyway, I think I just used and abused it too much. Right now NONE of the button holes are working. The tension is never right, even though the sewing shop swears it is. When I’m making a wedding gown, the bottom of the long seams always pucker up, no matter what I do.

    It so out of sorts that I don’t know that threatening to run over it would change it’s attitude any! The pfaff store here in town also sells evolve. I think I’m just going to use it as part of a trade in on the New Wave and let them fool with it!

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