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Drowning in Camo

Well folks, I’m going under for a while. My camo gal called last week and the remaining part of our project, which we thought we had 3 months to get done, has to be completly finished in 5 weeks. Oh, and we added one more pant style. Yikes. Nose to the grindstone time.

Oh, and just a note to any would-be bridal clients:

I love you all. You’re great. It’s such a blast to get to make wedding dresses every day. I try my best to make your dream gown a reality. But…..

I cannot duplicate this dress for $300. Sorry.



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Back to the gloves

I’m finally back to the glove post. I must say, they’ve turned into a show stopper. “OMG, those gloves are divine! Where did you get them?” just seems to follow me down the street. Well, except for my one friend that said they looked like I skinned kermit the frog, but really, ptoeey on her, right?

Now it’s off to find the perfect coat fabric to go with these. I sketched a darling coat that my flight attendant was wearing on our flight back home in December. Not the best sketch, I know, but in my defense I had sweaty sleeping kid on one arm and was trying to sketch little bits here and there as she came down the aisle without seeming like a crazed stalker in need of attention from the air marshal.

Her coat was in black wool. Really, not my style. Won’t match kermit, either. I need a print that’s not completely outrageous, but that is thick and durable enough to be an outer coat layer (thinking about lining it with minky swirl fur). I’m really considering going with a drapery fabric. I’ve been know to do this before (use drapery fabric for things that are not classified as “drapes”). Not Liesel VonTrapp, so just don’t go there! I’ll just know it when I see it. You’ll be the first to know after that.

Wait, this was about gloves, right?

Did I say it was a sewing post? Maybe I should have more accurately said it was a sewing related post. Someone sewed them. It just wasn’t me. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in camo around here.On this first picture, you can see there is a small piece (about 3/8 inch) between the glove piece and the back hand piece. This really adds to the fitted-ness of these gloves. They allow the hand to have a better ability to stretch the fabric as the fist closes than just one seam would.
On this picture you can see (well, you can see my little heart-breaker in the back…can you tell from this picture that his eyelashes touch his eyebrows?…, just ignore him for the moment) that there are individual pieces that make up the inner finger. These run up and down the inside of each finger with teeny-tiny-made-by-little-glove-fairy seams at the intersection and top of each finger.
Last of all, the most interesting part, the thumb piece. If I were to guess, I’d say there is a little cat’s eye shaped dart between the thumb section and the inner glove section.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with me and kermit. We’ll give a shout out to miss piggy if she stops by. I’m off to work on Rachael’s toille. You’ll meet her next week.

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I’ve been tagged ….(and I promise I’ll get back to the gloves!)

I’ve been tagged by Mary Beth at The Stitchery!

O.K. hmmm…5 things you don’t know about me. Dang, I already told you about Toad Suck, right? Too bad, that would have been a good one to pull out of a hat.

1) I never sew for myself. Wish I did, but there are dishes in the sink and butts to wipe. Maybe someday!

2) I grew up in a very biblebelt-ish town in the south. Think Footloose. There were parts of my education that were greatly lacking until I went to college. Like?
*I didn’t know what homosexuality was. Not ‘I didn’t quite grasp what was going on’. I had never heard of it. Then I went to a very socially liberal college and lived in a co-ed arts dorm with girls and guys on the same floor. The first time I saw 2 guys kissing, I couldn’t figure out what was going on. So my wonderful and very flamingly gay friend Tad gave me my second birds and bees talk.
*I never really wore a bathing suit in front of a boy until my mid 20’s (dang, what a waste of some darn good looking legs!)
*My town was (and still is) dry. No alcohol sold what-so-ever. None of my friends drank. None of our parents drank. I was never around alcohol until college. Marijuana, either, for that matter.

3) My husband & I decided to get married 8 days after we met. 15 years later, still the best decision I’ve made. Worst decision? Not going through with the actual wedding until 1 1/2 years later. Should have done it right away.

4) I’m 34 and still always the youngest. I’m one of the youngest moms I associate with at school. I’m the little kid in the room when I’m together with sewing gals. I’m the youngest of our ‘grown up’ friends, which all somehow end up being Kevin’s age or older (he’s 5 yrs older than me). I keep thinking someday that’ll change, but I’ve been thinking that for a long time. It gets old sometimes.

5) I wish I could sing. Can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but would give my right eye to just be able to belt it out. (o.k. maybe my right eye is currently a poor gift, it being the one with the shingles and all…you make me sing and I’ll think of something!)

o.k. I’ve got to go. I’ll tag 5 people this afternoon when Quentin isn’t standing so close to the mouse (he’s got a habit of hitting the little red ‘x’ when I’m not looking and deleting everything I’ve just typed!)

the 6th, and most important thing you don’t know about me….

I have a lump on the roof of my mouth. Think 1/2 of a silly putty egg. I never knew this was not a normal part of the body until my husband found it one day. Things get caught on it and it gets scraped often. One time, about a year into our marraige, a pizza crust scraped it and left a little tiny blister. I was trying to look at it in the mirror when hubby wondered across me. Here’s how it went:

hubby: “umm, what are you doing?”
me: “I’ve got a little blister in my mouth that’s driving me nuts”
hubby: “let me see it…..HOLY CRAP IT’S HUGE!!!! HURRY WE HAVE TO GET YOU TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!”
me: “uhh…really, it’s not that big.”
me: “ummm…what’s going on? Oh, do you mean the big bump in my mouth? that’s always been there.”
hubby “let me pop it.”

well, I was supposed to tag 5 people, right? Everybody I read has pretty much been tagged! Ummm…I tag: Holly, Diane, Leisel, Gail Marie, and Amie. Ha! I thought of 5 people!


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The perfect glove… An actual sewing related post. Hold the applause, please!

I found the perfect pair of gloves. I used to own the perfect pair of gloves, but I lost one of them at a MOPS meeting (yet another thing to add to my list of why I quit MOPS). The perfect pair of gloves just lacks a little something when there is only one.

I found these at Dillards the other day.
I love Dillards beyond words. My personal theory is that it has something to do with the smell. (I say this because in reality, I don’t actually buy that much there) Do you know the smell I mean? Every single Dillards on the planet smells exactly the same and they rig those silly swinging doors to work somehow that the smell just hits you full force right in the sniffer the minute you open them. I grew up shopping at the Dillards flagship store in Little Rock. I lived about 1/2 hour north of Little Rock in a town that didn’t have any real department stores to speak of (well, there was JCPenney, but it was only big enough to sport 4 parallel parking spaces in front of the store…and does JCP really count for a ‘shopping experience’? We only ever bought underwear there) The smell of Dillards takes me back to day long shopping trips with my mom that always included a smothered steak lunch at Frankies and a stop at the end of the day at Baskin Robbins to stuff as much of our booty as we could in one bag so it wouldn’t look like we bought so much and a double decker for the trip home.

It’s very hard for me to find gloves. First of all I have unusually large hands. How do I know this? Because almost every pair of ready made gloves in existance doesn’t fit me. Apparently they sell well and therefor fit someone which would make my hands larger than, well..yours. (I also happen to know that my head is bigger than the mass populace. This was discovered in a millinery class in college. Don

Are you lost here? I’m so stinking mad. Blogger just ate 1/2 this post that took me 1/2 an hour to make. I swear I’m on my way to WordPress any minute! I’ll finish about my gloves later. Jeez.

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The line

For those of you that saw me on CNN, FOX NEWS, THE WEATHER CHANNEL, and the local Colorado Springs station being interviewed about the line at Denver International Airport (in which I was standing)…here it is:

I tried to draw arrows with photosuite, but it came out as a .dmsp file and blogger wouldn’t upload it. That’s the end of my technical expertise.

It actually starts somewhere unknown out in the west terminal (DIA has two terminals, each with maybe 2 dozen airline counters). We were lucky enough to arrive before it headed out in that direction.

What you see down below is the TSA line snaking it’s way towards the checkpoint.
It crosses the bridge between the 2 terminals out in the plaza here. Between these two poles is where I was interviewed.
Then it comes down this side of the plaza (the back side of the east terminal)
Then it heads up this hallway and takes a right at the clarinet player.


I just said that.

There was a clarinet player hooked up to loud speakers… to help calm nerves, I guess.

It takes a right up ahead and goes to the actual line in the ropes after this, but things started to move quickly at that point and I was too busy trying to listen to instructions and heard my 3 kids to take pictures.

I can’t believe we made it through that and past the TSA checkpoint and made our flight in plenty of time. We arrived 3 hours early so that Kevin would have enough time to make it back to the Springs before the storm hit. We made one of the last flights out before they started shutting down (12/28/06, the 2nd blizzard, not the first).


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