I’ve been tagged ….(and I promise I’ll get back to the gloves!)

I’ve been tagged by Mary Beth at The Stitchery!

O.K. hmmm…5 things you don’t know about me. Dang, I already told you about Toad Suck, right? Too bad, that would have been a good one to pull out of a hat.

1) I never sew for myself. Wish I did, but there are dishes in the sink and butts to wipe. Maybe someday!

2) I grew up in a very biblebelt-ish town in the south. Think Footloose. There were parts of my education that were greatly lacking until I went to college. Like?
*I didn’t know what homosexuality was. Not ‘I didn’t quite grasp what was going on’. I had never heard of it. Then I went to a very socially liberal college and lived in a co-ed arts dorm with girls and guys on the same floor. The first time I saw 2 guys kissing, I couldn’t figure out what was going on. So my wonderful and very flamingly gay friend Tad gave me my second birds and bees talk.
*I never really wore a bathing suit in front of a boy until my mid 20’s (dang, what a waste of some darn good looking legs!)
*My town was (and still is) dry. No alcohol sold what-so-ever. None of my friends drank. None of our parents drank. I was never around alcohol until college. Marijuana, either, for that matter.

3) My husband & I decided to get married 8 days after we met. 15 years later, still the best decision I’ve made. Worst decision? Not going through with the actual wedding until 1 1/2 years later. Should have done it right away.

4) I’m 34 and still always the youngest. I’m one of the youngest moms I associate with at school. I’m the little kid in the room when I’m together with sewing gals. I’m the youngest of our ‘grown up’ friends, which all somehow end up being Kevin’s age or older (he’s 5 yrs older than me). I keep thinking someday that’ll change, but I’ve been thinking that for a long time. It gets old sometimes.

5) I wish I could sing. Can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but would give my right eye to just be able to belt it out. (o.k. maybe my right eye is currently a poor gift, it being the one with the shingles and all…you make me sing and I’ll think of something!)

o.k. I’ve got to go. I’ll tag 5 people this afternoon when Quentin isn’t standing so close to the mouse (he’s got a habit of hitting the little red ‘x’ when I’m not looking and deleting everything I’ve just typed!)

the 6th, and most important thing you don’t know about me….

I have a lump on the roof of my mouth. Think 1/2 of a silly putty egg. I never knew this was not a normal part of the body until my husband found it one day. Things get caught on it and it gets scraped often. One time, about a year into our marraige, a pizza crust scraped it and left a little tiny blister. I was trying to look at it in the mirror when hubby wondered across me. Here’s how it went:

hubby: “umm, what are you doing?”
me: “I’ve got a little blister in my mouth that’s driving me nuts”
hubby: “let me see it…..HOLY CRAP IT’S HUGE!!!! HURRY WE HAVE TO GET YOU TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!”
me: “uhh…really, it’s not that big.”
me: “ummm…what’s going on? Oh, do you mean the big bump in my mouth? that’s always been there.”
hubby “let me pop it.”

well, I was supposed to tag 5 people, right? Everybody I read has pretty much been tagged! Ummm…I tag: Holly, Diane, Leisel, Gail Marie, and Amie. Ha! I thought of 5 people!



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2 responses to “I’ve been tagged ….(and I promise I’ll get back to the gloves!)

  1. mamafitz

    i have a bump in the top of my mouth too! i never knew that wasn’t ‘normal’ until my oldest was born, and my mom looked in his mouth to see if he inherited a bump from me. 🙂

  2. Alisa_Benay

    we went around asking everybody if they had one just to find out how abnormal I was. Apparently pretty abnormal! Glad to know there’s more of us out there!

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