Drowning in Camo

Well folks, I’m going under for a while. My camo gal called last week and the remaining part of our project, which we thought we had 3 months to get done, has to be completly finished in 5 weeks. Oh, and we added one more pant style. Yikes. Nose to the grindstone time.

Oh, and just a note to any would-be bridal clients:

I love you all. You’re great. It’s such a blast to get to make wedding dresses every day. I try my best to make your dream gown a reality. But…..

I cannot duplicate this dress for $300. Sorry.



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2 responses to “Drowning in Camo

  1. mamafitz

    bwahahaha!!!! $300? come on, why not? i mean, it’s only sewing! i’ll buy cheap crap stuff from joanns, i’ll change my mind on undergarments 3 weeks before the wedding, and i’ll decide on a fuller petticoat after it’s been hemmed. you can handle that, right? i mean, geez, i’m paying you $300!!!

    🙂 part of me misses doing gowns, and part of me does not.

  2. Alisa_Benay

    no, no, no. $300 total for the fabric AND labor.

    I left doing gowns, had my own line of ready-to-wear for about a year and 1/2, then made the big leap to coming back to bridal wear. I’m on a 2 year plan right now to producing my own line of gowns that clients will have me custom size. (it would be a 6 month plan, except for during a brief 4 year period of insanity, I became overly fond of unprotected sex and now there are too many pta and mom’s club responsiblities to leave me time to actually work)

    Right now I’m just the knock-off queen, which has it’s good points and bad points. I do have a screening plan on my girls, though, and they have to have a MINIMUM budget of $1000 before I’ll work with them. THEN they have to pay me 25% up front before I’ll do anything. Won’t even take their measurements. I market that as one of my points of why custom made is better than off the rack. I mean, the boutique isn’t going to order your gown if you only give them 25%! The rest is 25% after the first toille fitting, 25% after the first fashion fabric fitting, and the remaining 25% at least 6 weeks before the wedding. I’ve only ever had one girl that I still wouldn’t give her dress to the day of the wedding because she hadn’t paid.

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