Big News

I’ve just been invited to appear on a fall episode of Get Married as a featured designer. Some of the other designers they’ve had? Melissa Sweet, Anne Barge, Badgley Mishka, among others. Number of viewers per episode? 92 million.

I’ll fly to Atlanta most likely the first week of September to tape. I originally called them to find out about local vendor advertising on their website and ended up having a wonderful conversation with Kris Bush. We talked about my current business model serving individual brides as a custom designer, and also about the launch of my new line in fall ’08 (or sooner, watch for details) of corseted, historically inspired gowns that will be available for custom sizing. She loved my story and wanted to be able to present a new designer in the midst of a launch to their audience. All of the Get Married designers featured previously have been established designers.

So I’m off and running before I’ve even made my first sample! I’m excited beyond words and will keep you posted as things happen.



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2 responses to “Big News

  1. OMG!
    That’s great news!! … congratulations!!

  2. Gee Alisa, how come you didn’t tell me? I didn’t even know you had a blog.


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