School Days, School Days (something) golden rule days

O.K. So I’m not good with song titles.  (see this post if you need further explanation of my particular disorder)

Anyhoodle, I’m sitting here writing this post with not one sound in my house.   School started yesterday & my youngest went to kindergarten.  Up until 8:20 am yesterday morning, I have pretty much had at least one child with me seemingly 24/7 for 9 years.  I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong.  I made the choice to be an “at-home” mom & it was the right one.  An exhausting one, non the less.  Quentin is in school for 3 hours every morning.  A nice transition year for both of us.  A small breather for me to get a few errands/e-mails/laundry/dishes/etc. done without someone needing buttwiping/juice/vcr-rewinding/dispute-settlement/etc. & a year for him to get used to school without being thrown from no school at all to 7 hours a day.

Today I’m organizing my thoughts on what all needs to be ordered for my appearance on lifetime.  Tentative shooting dates are September 4th & 5th.  I don’t actually even know what that means yet.  4th OR 5th? 4th AND 5th?  possibly one of the other or both?  I’ll keep you posted as things unfold.  I’m not releasing my sketches to the general public until further into the game, but I’ll put them up on here as soon as I’m comfortable with it…. and, um….when I figure out how to actually get pictures to load on wordpress.

I’m off to eat breakfast in peace.  Toodles.


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