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Get Married Update (because you asked)

The show people want a few pictures & sketches by mid-October. Which leads me to believe my segment won’t air until quite late in the Get Married season. They start this Monday, 7:30 am eastern time (& 5:30 am Mountain time. really. Can’t somebody get Lifetime to change that for me?) & run through December. I actually want it to be as late in the season as possible. I’ve still got quite a bit to do before I’m ready for my 2 minutes of fame (which, btw, is so economical of me. I’ve totally got 13 minutes of fame left! I’m thrifty like that.)

Sketches: I’m working on them. After a brief discussion on the FI board (members only, sorry. Just buy the book & you can get on the forum, it’s SO worth your time.) I’ll only be releasing sketches of gowns that will be in current production. I’ll post them here at the time of the tv broadcast. I’ve only been doing doodly pencil sketches, so getting back into the rythym of fashion sketches in full color is harder than I thought.

Samples: okey dokey. somewhat behind where I’d like to be. working on that.

Photo shoot: everybody is on board for October 9th. I’m just waiting to find out if January can get the day off work. Because a photo shoot without a model is just dumb. Just so you know. Oh, Briarhurst Manor has graciously offered us their facilities to use for the photo shoot. So if you’re ever here, go there. They’re super.

Website design: I have stuff to send to my designer to get started. We’re going to be building a new site behind the scenes, then switch them over hopefully to coincide with the tv show airing.

So, I’m working. Not where I’d like to be, but working. I also have a Mother of the Groom & a bride for December & brides in February, April, & May. I’m trying not to take any more custom work, but may if the job is right take a couple for summer.


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An ordinary day in Colorado (ahem…you should live here)

This is why I live here. Well, o.k. I live here b/c of Kevin’s job. But really, once you’re here, there’s just nothing that compares.

We woke up this morning & noticed that during broad daylight, the moon was still shining. It was hard to get a picture of, but here’s the best we got:



Then Quentin’s class went on a field trip to the Bear Creek Nature Center. While on the hike, we noticed a little fawn up in the brush.


Then we noticed two little scraggly doe next to her. So I’m trying to be all quiet & get their picture before they run off.



Then they just started following us down the trail. Dumb deer. They were at one point about 10 yards away from me & would have kept walking closer, except Quentin started freaking out thinking they were going to eat him. He’s not real certain on the whole circle of life thing. 🙂


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An upfront apology to Kathleen.

Remember my 2 months of camo earlier this year? Perhaps no, but this might explain why said project was not as big of a leap from my usual MO as one would think.

May I introduce my Daddy, in some circles knows as Buckrub or Bucky, holding Christmas dinner:


If you didn’t grow up redneck, you might not quite get it, but that’s all right.

My 5 year old son, Quentin, is a vegetarian. He was pretty much born that way. It’s weird, but true. He somehow the other night got to talking about his leopards (stuffed) and that they eat zebras. It makes him sad. So then from there we got to talking about what people eat. I said “mommy likes to eat cow. yum.” He laughed hard & said “people don’t eat cows! dat’s jus’ cwazy!”

If you do happen to be a carnivore, you should try antelope sometime. They’re herbivores, so very tender. Many humble apologies to all the veggies out there. 😦

Want to know anymore redneck stuff? This is what we’ll stop on the side of a highway for & stare at for hours. …And would want to shoot if a gun was handy, which it’s not b/c there are rules about firing weapons near roads. And other things about tags & limits & stuff. Apologies now to the rednecks. Some of my ‘neck upbringing didn’t stick, so I can’t remember all the technical information about the tags, etc. Oh, & I don’t have big hair anymore. And I’ve been weaned off of gravy. I will, however, still eat things that are called “salad”, but are in actuality “things floating in jello”. You have to be redneck to even understand what I’m talking about, much less eat it.

Cool picture, non-the-less.



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Over the slump

I’ve been in a complete despondent slump since I returned from Atlanta. I’ve really done nothing much. I’ve met with a couple of people to do initial consults & take measurements. No fittings. No sewing. Bleh. I woke up this morning feeling somewhat more rejuvenated and ready to get going. Which is good, because I’ve got stuff to do. Here’s my working list:

1) Clean up the national disaster area know as my studio. Get organized.

2) Prepare estimates for people who have e-mailed me.

3) Write models that I won’t be using. For which I feel bad. It’s got to take some gumption to put yourself out there & I hate to let them down. I can just only afford the one for now, though.

4) Order fabric for Elsie and swatches for Cara

5) Sketch new collection

6) Do pattern work for ‘Amelia’ & ‘Caroline’ from the first collection.

7) Coordinate photographer, model, make-up gal, & location for photo shoot. Potential date, October 8th. Geez, I’ve got a lot of sewing to do before then.

8)  Contract cut-and-sew place to find out about having my gowns manufactured.

9) Laundry.

O.K. I’m off to be busy. I’ll post my sketches when I get them done.

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What is this?


Does anybody know what this is? Here’s the direct link

It appears to be some sort of survey thing, but I can’t find anywhere to get to a main page.  I love wordpress.  I can actually see who’s watching me. 🙂

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Meet January, my new model





Isn’t she amazing?

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New Ad


I just got the copy for my ad that will be in the next edition of Perfect Wedding Guide . Thanks so much to Will Nagel of Crimson Pixel!

I can’t figure out how to get the picture to show here, I can only get the link to the pdf file to open in a new window. argh.

Anyway, it’s a picture from Rachael’s wedding. I wanted to use pictures of my new gowns, but I won’t have the photo shoot on those until October. I think it gives a good feeling to the potential client and will bring her in to the site. What the site will look like by the time this is in print is still up in the air, but I still think I’m going to be hitting my target audience either way. The bride who just hasn’t found exactly what she wants in a salon & is still looking for the perfect dress.

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