Over the slump

I’ve been in a complete despondent slump since I returned from Atlanta. I’ve really done nothing much. I’ve met with a couple of people to do initial consults & take measurements. No fittings. No sewing. Bleh. I woke up this morning feeling somewhat more rejuvenated and ready to get going. Which is good, because I’ve got stuff to do. Here’s my working list:

1) Clean up the national disaster area know as my studio. Get organized.

2) Prepare estimates for people who have e-mailed me.

3) Write models that I won’t be using. For which I feel bad. It’s got to take some gumption to put yourself out there & I hate to let them down. I can just only afford the one for now, though.

4) Order fabric for Elsie and swatches for Cara

5) Sketch new collection

6) Do pattern work for ‘Amelia’ & ‘Caroline’ from the first collection.

7) Coordinate photographer, model, make-up gal, & location for photo shoot. Potential date, October 8th. Geez, I’ve got a lot of sewing to do before then.

8)  Contract cut-and-sew place to find out about having my gowns manufactured.

9) Laundry.

O.K. I’m off to be busy. I’ll post my sketches when I get them done.


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