An ordinary day in Colorado (ahem…you should live here)

This is why I live here. Well, o.k. I live here b/c of Kevin’s job. But really, once you’re here, there’s just nothing that compares.

We woke up this morning & noticed that during broad daylight, the moon was still shining. It was hard to get a picture of, but here’s the best we got:



Then Quentin’s class went on a field trip to the Bear Creek Nature Center. While on the hike, we noticed a little fawn up in the brush.


Then we noticed two little scraggly doe next to her. So I’m trying to be all quiet & get their picture before they run off.



Then they just started following us down the trail. Dumb deer. They were at one point about 10 yards away from me & would have kept walking closer, except Quentin started freaking out thinking they were going to eat him. He’s not real certain on the whole circle of life thing. 🙂



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