Get Married Update (because you asked)

The show people want a few pictures & sketches by mid-October. Which leads me to believe my segment won’t air until quite late in the Get Married season. They start this Monday, 7:30 am eastern time (& 5:30 am Mountain time. really. Can’t somebody get Lifetime to change that for me?) & run through December. I actually want it to be as late in the season as possible. I’ve still got quite a bit to do before I’m ready for my 2 minutes of fame (which, btw, is so economical of me. I’ve totally got 13 minutes of fame left! I’m thrifty like that.)

Sketches: I’m working on them. After a brief discussion on the FI board (members only, sorry. Just buy the book & you can get on the forum, it’s SO worth your time.) I’ll only be releasing sketches of gowns that will be in current production. I’ll post them here at the time of the tv broadcast. I’ve only been doing doodly pencil sketches, so getting back into the rythym of fashion sketches in full color is harder than I thought.

Samples: okey dokey. somewhat behind where I’d like to be. working on that.

Photo shoot: everybody is on board for October 9th. I’m just waiting to find out if January can get the day off work. Because a photo shoot without a model is just dumb. Just so you know. Oh, Briarhurst Manor has graciously offered us their facilities to use for the photo shoot. So if you’re ever here, go there. They’re super.

Website design: I have stuff to send to my designer to get started. We’re going to be building a new site behind the scenes, then switch them over hopefully to coincide with the tv show airing.

So, I’m working. Not where I’d like to be, but working. I also have a Mother of the Groom & a bride for December & brides in February, April, & May. I’m trying not to take any more custom work, but may if the job is right take a couple for summer.


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