I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago & just noticed it was hanging out in draft limbo.

I’ve just made arrangements to postpone the photo shoot until Nov 2nd. I have to admit this has made me breath a big sigh of relief. We’ve got out of town guests to entertain over the next week & with that & several other hurdles it was just impossible to get everything to align just right in order to have everything ready by this Tuesday. I want to get this right the first time, not do it half way & then go back and backtrack later on. I’m working to get the new website up & running by Thanksgiving & the Nov 2nd photo shoot still puts me in that time frame.

I’m finishing sketches to send to Get Married this week & then will concentrate on working up all 4 samples by the end of the month. I’m also starting to put feelers out on having the gowns manufactured. I had originally intended to produce them on an artisan type level where I made them all myself or had them made under my direct oversight, but I’m getting buzz about them. Big buzz. Think ‘walking through the wood enjoying a peaceful day when suddenly you run into a 2 foot across beehive’ type buzz. I’m taking my time & setting everything up the right way, but I’m starting to think that once the new website is up & the tv show airs, things are going to start moving quickly. And bigger than I thought. Not counting any chickens yet here or anything, just setting things in place for when it is time to count them. And that means getting a manufacturer. Making myself legitimate. I won’t be ready to wholesale yet, but this will take me one step closer.


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