A New Beginning

If you are reading this today, you have most likely just come from my homepage after seeing my debut on Get Married. Welcome. I hope you’ve had a fun time looking through my corsets and gowns. I’ve had such an exciting time creating this line & I hope that you love it as much as I do.

The line doesn’t officially launch until Spring 2008, so you may feel that there are some things missing. There are. The first collection is named the Rose Collection both because of the beautiful roses that adorn the embroidered fabric and in honor of my great grandmother Rose, who instilled in me a life long love of creating beautiful garments. The Rose collection will eventually have 6 looks. 6 corsets. 6 full length skirts. 3 jackets (in a short sleeve, a 3/4 length sleeve, and a full length sleeve), 3 bustles, and 2-3 cocktail skirts. Scroll down through my past entries on this blog & you’ll find some sketches of the 3 remaining gowns: Amelia, Gillian (which was changed from ‘Victoria’), and Penelope. The cocktail skirts are a neat concept. My gowns don’t necessarily have to be worn just for your wedding day. They’re great for any event you need to dress up. Or just try wearing the corset with jeans for a great ‘night on the town’ outfit. You’re husband will love it. Ask me how I know. Another concept I’m going to be promoting is taking your gown out of storage and wearing it for your first anniversary.

I was planning to launch the line at Denver Fashion Week 2008, but can’t seem to find any further information about the event. I had also thought of doing it in a more intimate trunk show type event at an upscale boutique. There’s quite a bit to put together behind the scenes before all that happens, so looking into different venues to launch at is just one of my many things on my ‘to do’ list. What does it mean that the line hasn’t “launched” yet? Just that not everything is completely nailed down yet. Obviously all the gowns haven’t been made up in samples yet. We’re still working on getting our selling process down pat. Things like that. You can still go ahead and order the gowns from the website. You won’t be able to have a delivery date before April 1, 2008, but we’re recommending that you go on & place your order is you’re certain you want one of my gowns.

The first thing you probably noticed about my gowns is that they all come in color. Color is my thing. My signature. What makes my gowns stand out from the crowd. Bridal gowns in color are becoming increasingly popular, but that’s not why I make mine the way they are. It’s just simply what comes from within me when I start sculpting a new gown.

Choosing to wear a gown in color may seem like a bold move. But you’re a bold girl. Really. Trust yourself. If you respond to the gown, then you’ll wear it with confidence and be the most beautiful bride that ever was. Most of the response I’ve gotten from these gowns so far goes something like this: “Yes. That’s what I’ve been looking for.” I even had one woman say “the perfect expression of all my dreams.” Wow. That’s humbling. Choosing to wear a gown in color gives you so many more options to express your true self. To shine on your day of all days and show people “this is who I am, who I really am when I’m the best I can be. This is me.” Have fun with the colors. Mix and match. Color outside the lines!

I realize that your dreams are not mine and that you may love the sillhoette of my designs, but really want a white or ivory gown. Never fear! It can be done! We will be offering a “Purity Collection” in the coming months. The Purity Collection will contain all the gowns featured currently (and the ones to come!) on the website in a white and ivory interpretation. If you’re interested in that option before you see it on the website, just let me know.

The next thing you’ve probably noticed about my gowns is that they all have corsets. I’ve been in love with the corset since my history of costume classes in college. My college (Kent State University) has one of the finest period costume collections around. We regularly were able to see first hand historical pieces are part of our classes. Fun, fun, fun! My corsets are fully functional. This means that you can pull them in to your desired comfort level. Push up “the girls”. Pull in the tummy. Reduce your waist size about 2 to 3 inches. Yes. I just said that. 2 to 3 inches. They’re also amazingly comfortable. The inner lining is cotton and the boning is spiral steel, which moves 360 degrees, instead of just front to back like traditional plastic boning.

You might also be a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Chose your fabric color and type, your trim color, your ribbon color, even the color of your eyelets. Each gown that ships out of my studio has the potential to be completely unlike any other ever made. Your gown, made just for you. Just give me a call or e-mail & we’ll chat about your gown. My fairy godmother wand is always ready to make your dreams come true!

Post Script: My size chart didn’t make it onto the new website (or at least as of this writing) so here it is & we’ll have it up on the website as soon as possible.





Hem Length




35 1/2

43 1/2




36 1/2

43 3/4




37 1/2





38 1/2

44 1/4




39 1/2

44 1/2


38 1/2

29 1/2


44 3/4




42 1/2



41 1/2

32 1/2


45 1/4


43 1/2

34 1/2


45 1/2


45 1/2

36 1/2


45 3/4


To measure:


measure around the fullest part of your bust

measure around the narrowest part of your waist (not necessarily at the place where you wear your waistband)

measure the fullest part of your hips

for the hem measure from your waist to the floor in the back

I’ll have some further information on measuring yourself along with a pictorial tutorial (try saying that 3 times fast) by January.



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6 responses to “A New Beginning

  1. I saw your designs on Get Married and loved them so much, I wrote about it on my blog, for my brides. Just wanted you to know someone all the way in SC thought your dresses are beautiful.

  2. Your website looks beautiful, Alisa!

  3. My first ever “blog”. My website is very bare, totally unready for eyes. The second I saw the show today I felt excited. It is likely to be a couple of years yet before my wedding (life is complicated) which gives you plenty of time for designing (haha). I have looked through thousands of photos and could not find anything that struck me as being unique. I had a small, haphazard, thrown together wedding (I worked full time and managed to throw together a small church wedding in 30 days!!!! 3 days before the wedding I suddenly realized I had no music! Yikes!) Not doing that again. It wasn’t fun, wasn’t what I wanted but what I settled for, and was exhausting.) My dress then was beautiful, however. Lace tiered bell skirt, satin cap sleeves with ribbons and lace, satin bodice with lace edging. Oh it was the best thing about the wedding and for that matter the marriage. Now I have the perfect man and want to make the eventual wedding out of this world. I see it with the beach (I live in FL) in bkgd although I would highly prefer to avoid actually being on the sand. I want to wear beautiful shoes!!!! And I’m clumsy and ungraceful in sand as would be everybody else. I think I want colorful flowers (thinking calla lillies, roses, orchids, peruvian lillies, and maybe a splash of iris)and colorful decorations (nautically themed), lots of gorgeous lighting, hurricane lamps, tiki torches. I want the cakes to reflect the beauty of the dress and decorations. And the dress. It has to make me look fantastic. No small feat. I have long curly “dishwater” blonde hair. I cannot emphasize how curly we’re talking here. Ringlets and waves. Blue eyes, pale complexion. I have very female curves and have had four children. I currently reside in 14/16 clothes although I let Denise Austin hurt me every morning so I’m going for size 10 at the most at the time of wedding. I LOOOOOVE the corset look and that “sky” colored cloth looks great. Blue-green is my fiance’s favorite color, thankfully it works on me. But, alas, I also looove lace and ribbon. Maybe a lacy corset, I dunno. I loooove that the corset top can be worn later. Think I would like removable sleeves. But not full sleeves. just those little shoulder ones (name escapes me). I want it to show off “the girls” a little. Do you do bridesmaids gowns, too? Or just the corset tops maybe in a different color? I want a mix between elegant sophistication while being less than over the top so that no one feels uncomfortable about having a good time in it and will blend well into the semi-informal reception. The most formal will be during the ceremony. All my research into “destination” and “informal” gowns has been less than satisfactory until now. When things become “official” I will happily be calling you. I am SO looking forward to your designs due next Spring. You are doing an amazing job and there’s a big hole in the market looking for your artistry. Keep getting the word out!

  4. alisabenay

    Wow. Thanks, Amanda! I hope you get everything you’re dreaming of in your wedding.

    By the time you’re looking to purchase a gown, there will be much more on my website to choose from. As far as bridesmaids dresses go, you would simply choose from the gowns on my website & we would discuss which gown would be the brides “wow” gown and which gown combination would be a best complimentary one for bridesmaids. Look for my cocktail skirts coming up as well for a bridesmaid option.

    I love the sky color, too. I think it’s going to be a best seller. I’ll have the swatch kits ready next month. You simply purchase the swatch kit at a set price (I’m thinking they’ll be $40, but I’m trying very hard to get that number down a bit), then it comes to you with your main embroidery color (for example “sky”) and all the complimentary colors in that group. All the dupionis, taffetas, and velvets, plus all the lacing ribbon options and the eyelet colors. My eyelets currently on come in 3 colors, but each really give their own feel to the corset. Currently on the website, you’ll see gold eyelets on Josephine and Rebecca, and burnished copper on Caroline. There is a silver as well.

    Once you’ve got your swatch kit in hand, then you actually have to chose your colors! The price of the swatch kit is put toward the price of your gown when you come back to purchase, so feel free to get more than one!

  5. I just saw your segment on “Get Married” and your designs are WOW! Absolutely stunning – and so creative. You are going to get a HUGE flood of orders – hope you are ready. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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