Kyle Bachtel

I’ve just learned that our good friend Kyle Bachtel passed away yesterday morning. I’m not sure if he turned 30 yet this year or not. He leaves behind a new wife and baby girl and a family like no other.

Kyle was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He was born with a liver disease that required him to have a liver transplant at the age of 14. Nothing ever stopped him & he lived the adage “as if there’s no tomorrow” every day of his life. He was a transplant Olympian, traveling the world to compete in numerous sports. I learned a great deal about parenting from watching his parents, Molly & Daryll. They never treated him like an invalid and always allowed him a great deal of freedom. They never tried to hold on to him in the effort of having just one more day, but gave him every opportunity to live his life as he chose to live it. He had a kind heart and a sweet spirit and will be missed by many.

Go in peace, Kyle. Your life was a gift to everyone it touched.

you can view his obituary here


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