Grand Opening Sale

I’m running a sale, but I don’t think it’s up on the website yet. My wonderful web designer Sandy bumped a couple of clients to get me up and running with my new site by last Friday & I think she probably has a bit of catch up to do this week with other clients.

The sale details:

If you place an order from my website by December 31, 2007 you will receive 40% off your purchase price. You can schedule a delivery date for any time you choose (after April 1, 2008) and still get the 40% off if you make your deposit before December 31.

Sure you want one of my gowns, just not sure which one? Or want to wait to see the 3 new ones that will be up in January? No worries, I’m flexible! You can make a $1500 deposit before December 31, decide later on your gown selection, & you’ll still receive the 40% off! See, I’m nice like that 🙂

Scenarios, just so we understand each other:

Scenario A)

you want the Rebecca just as it’s pictured on the website. So you chose the corset in Embroidered Silk Dupioni in Size Choice A and the skirt in solid silk Taffeta also in Size Choice A

Corset: $980

Skirt: $3000

Your total: $3980

Your sale price: $2388 (plus shipping & handling)

Your deposit amount, due before Dec 31: $1194

Your decided upon delivery date: July 11, 2008

Amount you owe before gown can be delivered: $1194 (plus shipping and handling)

(your delivery date is a pre-arrange date decided upon between you and I at the time of your deposit. It can be anytime, but I suggest you make it at least 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding)

Scenario B)

You really love the Caroline, but think you might want it with sleeves. Oooh, but the sketch of the Amelia has caught your eye, too. And you’ve got a December 19, 2008 wedding, so you’re really wanting to see the velvet swatches before you decide on your fabric.

Fairy godmother, to the rescue!

1) Place your $1500 deposit before Dec 31, 2007.

2) Get your swatch kit in buttercream when they’re ready this December (sorry, girls, I’m still waiting on a couple of companies to send me their goods!). If you’ve already placed your deposit, I won’t even make you pay for the swatch kit, I’ll just send that for free. (feel the magic wand swirling around your head now)

3) decide in April what you really want after all is the Caroline. And you were so right about the velvet. It’s just divine. You have to have that. So you order the Caroline corset with sleeves in velvet (it comes with the embroidered panel in the front and on part of the sleeves) in size Choice B, because you’re a D cup, and you want the Ball gown skirt in solid silk velvet in Size Choice A, and you just really have to have the overskirt in the embroidered silk dupioni. Wow, what an amazing gown!  I’m going to have so much fun with this one.  I can’t wait to see your pictures!

Corset: $1330

Skirt: $2600

Overskirt: $1925

Your total: $5855

Your sale price: $3513

Minus your deposit: $3513 – $1500 = $2013

Amount you owe before your delivery date of October 21, 2008: $2013 (plus shipping and handling)

My two most Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) Can you get a refund on your deposit?  I outline my official policy here.   Most likely if it’s more than 3 to 4 weeks after your deposit has been made, I will have already ordered your fabric. I order fabric and supplies in bulk quantities based on the orders on my schedule.  If I have already ordered materials for you, you can receive your refund amount minus the expenses occurred.

2) Once I’ve placed my deposit, do I have the make the “remaining amount” payment all at once?  No, you can pay that in whatever increments work into your budget.  We can set up a monthly payment plan, or you can divide it into 2 or 3 payments.  Just whatever works best for you.  I will not send out your gown to you until it has been paid in full, so keep that in mind when scheduling your payments.

Any other questions you’d like addressed?  Just let me know!



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2 responses to “Grand Opening Sale

  1. i just had to say…since i love comments and thought you just might too…that your gowns are MAGNIFICIENT.

    they are drool worthy…..i am wiping off the keyboard now as i drool……

    its a shame i can not take advantage of your amazing sale….as i’m still waiting for the proposal (but we’ve ring shopped! and i’ve picked it out!!! and i think he’s bought it! Squeee!!!) but i will still stalk your site waiting for your Jan ’08 designs to be revealed.


  2. alisabenay

    Thanks a million!

    It is engagement season, ladies! More people get engaged from now until New Years Eve than any other time of the year. Cross your fingers, count your chickens, go ahead & dream!

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