Engagement Season

More engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve than at any other time of the year. Or between Thanksgiving & Valentines day depending on which experts you talk to.

In honor of engagement season, I thought I would share my engagement story. Feel free to share yours back!

In the spring on 1991, just shy of my 19th birthday, I met Him. I was going to school at Kent State University in the Akron, Ohio area. We had a guest speaker at my church & boy was he cute. Fine, I guess, was the word we used back then. He was older than me & I didn’t want him to know I was only 18. Our group of college aged kids went out to dinner after church most Sunday’s & that Sunday, He tagged along. You know those big round tables at Olive Garden? He sat directly across from me & starred at me the whole time. Big brown Italian eyes, with eyelashes that curl back up & touch his eyebrows. I don’t remember eating anything. I went home & told my roommate that I had just met my husband.

We didn’t see each other again for just over a year. We met on a Monday night at an event at my church & saw each other every night that week. On Thursday I changed my upcoming course schedule b/c I knew. On Saturday, we went to the Cleveland Museum of Art (he took me back there on a surprise 10th anniversary date, 5 months early b/c I was huge with our 3rd child & he knew we’d never have made it with a newborn). On the following Tuesday we went to see the Akron Symphony. Beethoven’s 9th. That was the night we decided to get married. Not so much a proposal as a verbalization of what both of us already knew. We went ring shopping that Saturday.

The day Kevin went back to buy the ring, there was a promo going on for a new Cleveland radio station, 107.7 “The End”. They played R.E.M.’s The End of the World as We Know It all day long over & over again. To this day, one of our favorite movie scenes is where Chris Farley & David Spade try to sing the lyrics to that on Tommy Boy.  The ‘Heed’ scenes from So I Married an Ax Murderer are probably our most favorite.

Three weeks after we met, I returned to Arkansas for summer vacation. Kevin made arrangements to come & see me twice that summer. The first time he came down, we went out to the Red Apple Inn in Heber Springs. We sat on the banks of the river and he told me he had something to give me. Something that came with a lot of responsibility. Something huge. He had me close my eyes and hold out my hand. Into which he put a duplicate set of keys to his new car. You have to know us to know that we both thought that was hilarious. Then he gave me the ring. We had dinner that night with a possum looking on. The restaurant had a large plate glass window overlooking the lake view & this possum just crawled right up on the ledge & watched us eat dinner.

We were married the following summer at Green Chapel on the Hendrix College campus in my hometown.

Here’s some early pics of us:


A trip to Seaworld. I’ve since sworn off the displaying of such glowingly white legs in public!


My college graduation. We had already been married a year & 1/2.


The journey begins. July 30, 1993


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  1. Your gowns are gorgeous! Wish I had a clue when I was going to get married! Keep up the excellent work and best of luck with your line & web business.

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