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Photo Shoot

I had the wonderful opportunity this weekend to work with the Denver Editorial Modeling Meetup that is hosted by the fabulous & multi-hatted Karen Aguirre of Xposure Online Model Management

Here’s a video:

Pretty awesome, huh? It was a fun event, but my gowns are toast. Live & learn. Airport hangers are perhaps not the place to have models walking about in silk. Next time I’ll take the cocktail skirts and leave the full length gowns at home. Where are said cocktail skirts, you ask? Keep your britches on, they’re coming!

Speaking of britches, did you notice the girls wearing the corsets with jeans?  I told you that you could do that!  Corsets are fun, girls.  If you can’t invest in the whole gown, just get the corset.  It doesn’t have to be for your wedding.  Get it for the honeymoon, the bachelorette party, some really hot date you’ve got up your sleeve for him…. the possibilities are endless. 🙂



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Artful Blogging

I just ordered my copy of volume 1 and a subscription to Artful Blogging:


One of my goals in the coming months is to give my blog a good tastefully artful kick in the butt & I think this magazine is just the thing to get my juices flowing (and…um….give me some information about how to do it.  I’m such a nerd.)

I’ve also been blog stalking quite a few wedding blogs & will update my links over to the side when I’ve got a minute.  If you want to be included, just drop me a line:

Right now I’m getting ready for a big photo shoot in Denver tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ll have pics to post from it soon, so stay tuned!

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Swatch Kits

If you’ve found this blog after seeing the Get Married broadcast, welcome! You may have noticed on my website that there are swatch kits promised in December …that aren’t there. Oops. I was out of state for the holidays & just returned. I completely forgot to schedule the swatch kit buttons on my list of updates with my web designer before I left.I tried to put a paypal button up here, but I can’t figure out the html on wordpress. All my complaining about blogger seems to be for naught, I could have figured it out over there. Anyway, if you’re really interested in a swatch kit, they’re $40 and contain the main embroidery color and all the matching dupionis, taffetas, and velvets that coordinate with that particular color. If you e-mail me ( I’ll send you an invoice for however many you want. The entire cost of your swatch kit(s) can be applied to your future purchase.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the show!

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My new favorite blog

Off Beat Bride

I can’t figure out how to do a screen shot, but I think this is my new favorite blog.  If you want to see other brides with a style all their own, check out this blog.  It’s got some amazing stuff!

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