Camo wedding / Camo prom


One of my prom girls has (the point of the post) commissioned me to make her a camo prom dress. So I did a little research and found that camo prom dresses and camo weddings are somewhat of a trend. What I saw was quite a bit of mocking going down on several message boards, but I always promote my clients own unique individual tastes as something special. If you’ve found me & like my style & have possibly thought of actually wearing my gowns, you know that it takes a bit of nerve and personality to step outside the white dress box.

I grew up in a little town in Arkansas, somewhere between Booger Holler (pronounced ‘holla’) and Skunk Holler, in a town who’s annual festival is Toad Suck Daze. (Need a t-shirt? I can get you one. My list of friends who need one each year is growing!) Anybody remember my post about Christmas dinner? So I get the camo wedding thing. It might not be my style, but it is most definitely somebody’s. So don’t mock it. Camo bride isn’t mocking your steam punk wedding.

So…keep your britches on while I vear from my norm of showing the latest in Victorian finery, here is the current list of everything I found for camo weddings and prom. If you happen to have camo wedding needs, give me holler (pronounced “hawller”) and let me know!

Some ideas

Message Board 1

Message Board 2

Message Board 3

Colorado Carla my fav is the bride dragging deer hunter. Ever heard of a deer widow? If not, you or your mama never was one. 🙂

Just Camo mostly for the groom, there are 2 pages


Ideas & quite a few links

Daisy-Days camo favors and gifts

Arkansas Duck Hunter some table and giftware…and an odd assortment of t-shirts that my brother would sell his truck for. Any of you Arkansas gals know if this is the big place in Stuttgart?

Throw away bouquets

Snyder Creek scroll all the way down & they off two patterns in bridal satin

Erika Sarkozi some ideas from a custom designer

Some ideas for camo prom

An actual camo wedding

Bridal People some more camo gifts, not sure what pattern that is, though

Some advice


White lace & promises more examples from another custom designer

More gifts & garters

More garters why does this list these as prom garters? Please tell me you don’t wear a garter to prom. I’m just too old to know that.

Even MORE gifts and garters

Another actual camo bride Do NOT show the topper on the grooms cake to my brother. He will make my poor sister-in-law re-do their entire wedding.

You have to see this to believe it The site says this could only happen in Louisiana. No. It could happen in Arkansas, too. Trust me.



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9 responses to “Camo wedding / Camo prom

  1. This is a great post:) Thank you for having such an open mind on a theme that seems to offend so many people’s sense for some reason.

  2. Funny you should bring this up… I just (literally, just a few minutes ago) posted about a camo dress I was wearing when I met my husband…

    In New York City, it is perfectly appropriate, I think…

  3. alisabenay

    Thanks, gals! Camo can have so many different looks. Punk, Hip Hop, Redneck, …. I think everybody should have exactly what they want for their wedding. The more unique the better!

  4. How about Camouflaged wedding bands? Check it out if you want at . Email with any questions!

  5. you will not believe all the camo wedding items at this site and great prices too. check it out at

  6. Jackie

    Also check out
    they have the mossy oak accessories at great prices!!!

  7. I spent MANY years in Conway and have been to Toad Suck Daze more times than I can count. In fact, back in the mid-80s my dad was 1st runner up for Toad Suck Daze King (came in right after Frank Rivers). Don’t forget to mention Pickles Gap and the fact that you’re most likely a Wampus Cat (unless you attended St. Joe).

  8. cheryl

    My daughter is haveing a camo wedding the first part of May and we are having a terrible time finding camo rose petals. Does anyone know where we can get them?

  9. alisabenay

    I don’t know about rose petals, but you can buy the fabric from above & have M & S Schmalberg make flowers for you out of it. (google them, I don’t remember the website address). Best of luck!

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