Student Interviews

I have received several requests lately for interviews by students.   I really appreciate your interest in what I do & I would love to help you all out, but I am in the middle of my busiest time of the year.  I’m a one man band and I just, unfortunately, don’t have the time to take out of my limited work schedule at the moment to answer requests for 10-20 questions from what is at this point over 50 different students.  I wish you all the best of luck on your studies and hope that I have not offended you by not being able to fulfill your requests.  Perhaps this time next year, I’ll anticipate the rush and work up a document ahead of time.  My time this year, however, is extremely crunched.  Thanks so much for your understanding and again, best of luck in all you do.




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2 responses to “Student Interviews

  1. I used to get a lot of unsolicited questions from students and aspiring designers, too. One helpful thing, I found, was to short book list to refer them to, so that it can benefit those in the business of offering their valuable expertise. I see you have a link to Kathleen’s site (Fashion-Incubator) – and I think her book is a great start for people who are serious about becoming professional designers.

  2. alisabenay

    I always have to look to see which Mimi it is 🙂 The book list is a good idea, thanks. I’m trying to find time to work on my links, but I can’t get wordpress to do what I want. I spend more time messing around with what I want wordpress to do than putting up actual links.

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