Cara: a beach wedding

Here’s pictures from Cara’s dress, completed this past week.  I only have the snapshots we took in my studio, I’ll post the wedding pictures when she sends them.

Poor Cara, she developed some sort of rash last week of unknown origin & has been on steroids which have caused swelling.  She’s getting married in St. Thomas in late April.

You’ll have to excuse my not so great picture quality, my point & shoot (which is all I’m capable of using) seems to have developed behavior problems & won’t focus or flash quite right.  If you know of a good point & shoot digital camera for under $500, let me know.







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2 responses to “Cara: a beach wedding

  1. Very pretty – could she have a tinier waist??? Great job.

  2. alisabenay

    Yes, I could just about span her waist with my hands! Thanks, I really liked working with this lace, different, not as “floral” as most beaded alencon.

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