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Beatriz: the camo prom dress

PLEASE NOTE:  I am no longer making custom gowns.  If you want a camo prom dress, you can get the fabric from (use the formal fabric tab) & have a local seamstress make you a gown.  If you need help finding a local seamstress, try or or call your local fabric store for references.  Best of luck!



These are the snaps taken in my basement, Beatriz promises the real pics this weekend.  Notice the mr. potato head lips on the floor!  We had to make a couple of quick last minute fitting changes to the bust area & add the black strip to the bottom.  We were all agreed that we actually liked the black on the bottom better than without.  Her shoes are 4 or maybe 4 1/2 inch heels, when the dress was really made assuming she would find a 3 inch heel.

I made this dress pretty much straight from Vogue 7365 & did only one fitting.  I don’t generally work from sewing patterns, but was trying to help Beatriz fit this dress into her budget.  We also did only one fitting due to her budget limit and also the fact that she had to drive quite a distance to come into Colorado Springs.



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Payments and Deposits

Next week, after I’m done with my current deluge of prom & wedding dresses, I’ll be posting more in the series of “working directly with your designer”.  In the mean time, I just wanted to give you a quick update on a couple of items:

1) I can now accept credit card payments over the phone.

2) If your wedding is more than 6 months away, a deposit of $500 will secure your date.  We can decide final dress design and fabrication details closer to your wedding date.

3) I have offered a couple of my clients a monthly payment plan.  Ask for details if you’re interested.

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Stephanie’s dress

Just a quick peak at Stephanie’s dress. “Erethral” was the effect we were going for. I think we’ve got it! (O.K., wordpress is telling me I misspelled “erethral”, but all they will give me for a suggestion is “urethra” hahaha.)

Sorry for the neighborhood pics in the background, I was trying to get a good pic of the wind catching the dress (which makes more neighbors than you would think stop and ask “ahhh…what are you doing?”)  See our yard in the background?  It’s going to have grass in a couple of months.  Really, I promise.  We’re doing the whole shebang.  Sprinkler system, topsoil, actual sod.  Perhaps even landscaping.  Woohoo.


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Sally Rand costume


Here’s some fabric I just dyed for Stephanie St. Clair.  I’m making a Sally Rand-esque costume for her for a burlesque performance.  I’ll post pictures of the finished dress in a couple of days and give a link to her photos from the shoot when she sends them to me.

There aren’t many great pictures on the internet of the original performance, but here’s a couple:



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