Stephanie’s dress

Just a quick peak at Stephanie’s dress. “Erethral” was the effect we were going for. I think we’ve got it! (O.K., wordpress is telling me I misspelled “erethral”, but all they will give me for a suggestion is “urethra” hahaha.)

Sorry for the neighborhood pics in the background, I was trying to get a good pic of the wind catching the dress (which makes more neighbors than you would think stop and ask “ahhh…what are you doing?”)  See our yard in the background?  It’s going to have grass in a couple of months.  Really, I promise.  We’re doing the whole shebang.  Sprinkler system, topsoil, actual sod.  Perhaps even landscaping.  Woohoo.



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4 responses to “Stephanie’s dress

  1. aurlalia

    I think what you mean is ‘ethereal’. Looks lovely!

  2. Kim

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous! And just a guess here…is “ethereal” the term you’re looking for? 🙂

  3. alisabenay

    Yes, that’s the word. 🙂 I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Can’t think of someone’s name that I know. Can’t think of a word that I mean. Geez. Early onset Alzheimer’s or something. Last year I could blame in on the shingles medication that made me loopy. No excuses now!

  4. Love it… so pretty.

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