Beatriz: the camo prom dress

PLEASE NOTE:  I am no longer making custom gowns.  If you want a camo prom dress, you can get the fabric from (use the formal fabric tab) & have a local seamstress make you a gown.  If you need help finding a local seamstress, try or or call your local fabric store for references.  Best of luck!



These are the snaps taken in my basement, Beatriz promises the real pics this weekend.  Notice the mr. potato head lips on the floor!  We had to make a couple of quick last minute fitting changes to the bust area & add the black strip to the bottom.  We were all agreed that we actually liked the black on the bottom better than without.  Her shoes are 4 or maybe 4 1/2 inch heels, when the dress was really made assuming she would find a 3 inch heel.

I made this dress pretty much straight from Vogue 7365 & did only one fitting.  I don’t generally work from sewing patterns, but was trying to help Beatriz fit this dress into her budget.  We also did only one fitting due to her budget limit and also the fact that she had to drive quite a distance to come into Colorado Springs.



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25 responses to “Beatriz: the camo prom dress

  1. Ashley Osborne

    Hi. My name is Ashley Osborne and I’m looking for a camo prom dress for prom of 09. I have to go ahead and get it early and i was wondering, Do you make them?
    I’ll do anything to have a dress like that one. I LOVE IT. Please mail me back please


  2. alisabenay

    Hi Ashley,
    I’ll be happy to help you out. E-mail me directly at alisa (at) alisabenay. (dot) com and we can talk!

  3. Brandie

    Hi my name is brandie and i live in leesville louisiana and i was wondering if i could get a camo dress similar to that one for homecoming or a shorter one.I have looked at website afterwebsite and i cant no camo dresses.I was wondering if oyu could halp me out?? i would like it very much!! 🙂

  4. Ariel

    Hey I love your camo prom dress and i have been looking for one since last year and was wondering if you could help me get ahold of one so please mail me asap.


  5. alisabenay

    I would love to help you girls with your gowns. You’ll need to e-mail me or give me your contact information somehow, though. Your comments don’t have links to your e-mail addresses. My contact information can be found on my website. Feel free to contact me anytime.

  6. Tasia

    Hi. My name is tasia south and i would love to have a camo prom dress for prom of 09. It is my senior year and that would be my dream dress!

  7. alisabenay

    I’ll need your e-mail address or some way to get in touch with you.

  8. Hi my name is Shelby and I live in Arkansas. I was wondering if you could help me find a camo prom dress as well. My email is

  9. tracy

    I am looking for a mossy oak camo dress knee high in a baby doll style. could you please let me know if you could help me

  10. I was wondering how much it would cost to have you make a prom dress in your camo print.
    I cant find these dresses anywhere in stores or online, and I want to make a statement at my High School’s last dance of the year. Please email me:
    Thank you

  11. Jamie

    i was wondering how much would it cost to get a dress exactly like this one and how much would it cost for u to ship it to me? i would ADORE to have one for my senior prom!!! thanks ~jamie
    or call 937-638-4119

  12. Alison...

    Please be my lifesaver?!? I need a camo prom dress, can’t find anything, curve ball, I would need it in shadow grass camo, lol. Can you help a sister out, lol, pretty please contact me (;

  13. Courtney

    Hi my name is courtney, i am looking for a mossy oak, long if possible, hem line straight prom dress for 2009. If you know where i can get one made or if someone has one please let me know. I do not care about the price i just really NEED one. My e mail address is help me out. Thanks


  14. Dee

    Hi I really like your dress and the material I was wondering where you bought the fabric from to make it. My daughter is wanting a mossy oak prom dress for her senior year o9 I would really appreicate if you would contact me back…

  15. jordy

    Hi my name is jordy, i know that you have so many request for a mossy oak prom dress.but i was wondering if you could help me because i really dont want to go to my prom with a dress that Probably 12 other girls have plus i really dont like the pink traditional prom dress and i want to show ever one how different i am. i would deffenitly be noticed so if you could please e-mail me back

  16. Natasha Dawson

    Hi Alisa! I’m Natasha and I was wondering if you had time to assist me with this dress. I have looked all over this internet and youa are you only one I see. Prom is in May. So if you could get back to me as soon as you could, I would greatly appreciate it!!

    My e-mail is


  17. Tabatha

    I really want a camo prom dress for prom this year. My date has already picked out the camo vest and tie he is wearing. Is there any way you can help me?

  18. Katie

    I really need a camo prom dress my boyfriend has a camo tux and it would be so awesome to match him. Could you make one?

  19. omg .. wow. your a life saver if you can get me a camo prom dress. It’s my senior year and no one at my school has found one and if i can get one it would be amazing!!! please contact me or i’ll try and contact you!! :] please.

  20. emily

    I’m looking for a dress pattern. My friends mom is going to be making our camo dresses for prom all she asked is for a pattern..Do you know where i could find one?

  21. megan sutter

    this dress is absolutly gorgeous. i am thinking about makin a camo prom dress. and your design gave me a great idea. keep up the good work.

  22. merrissa

    hi my name is merrissa I have been trying to find a camo dress for the longest time. I want to wear one to prom this year because my boyfriend is a hunter and is in the military n will be gone for my senior year prom. If u would help me find one it would be amazing! Get back to me when u can. Thanks!

  23. Mallory

    Hi, my name is Mallory Miller im from southern Indiana and I’m looking for a camouflage prom dress. I was wondering if you could help?
    Thank you.

  24. Alli

    hey im alli and i have been looking for a mossy oak prom dress and i dont think i will be getting one this year but i would just like to know how much these dresses run?? if i were to make my own where, how and how much is the fabric??

  25. Sarah

    I was woundering if you do mossy oak High heels please email me if you do or know of anyone that dose
    Thank you

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