J Crew Celeste Pique Dot Dress

J Crew Celeste

I have a new client who has been franticly searching for the J Crew Celeste Pique Dot Gown for her destination wedding next summer. I’m going to be making her a replica of the gown & am currently searching for the right fabric. I have several contacts in New York & will being going there myself in October, so I’m confidant we’ll find an extremely similar fabric. The polka dots are just so unique!

I’ve seen on several websites that quite a few people are looking for this gown, so I thought I would let it be known that I can make this for you. I have found several different dot fabrics and some other similar in style white on white fabrics, but am still looking for something that is exactly the same. It can also be made in several white cotton or silk fabrics shown below.

The dot or print gown is $1450 and the plain white is $1200, plus shipping and handling.

If you have any other gowns that have been discontinued that you would like made, please let me know. I won’t copy anything that is currently available from retailers, but I’m happy to help you create something that just isn’t available on the current market. I’m an aspiring designer myself & I won’t attempt to undercut another designers work or income. Also, I usually can’t make it for less than the existing retail price, so you have no advantage having me make something that’s currently in stores. Feel free to contact me at any time with your needs & I’ll be happy to talk with you!

Here’s some of the current selections of fabric for the J Crew Celeste:

















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14 responses to “J Crew Celeste Pique Dot Dress

  1. dotlovingclienttoo


    i found your post while in the same ‘jam’, having a dot loving client who wants white on white dots..this time to cover two small stretched panels for a french window.

    wondered if you ever found a truly similar fabric?

    we found the 4th up from bottom ( you have as celeste7) but had to be ordered in increments of 1000m.

    did you ever find a large scale dot pique?
    the dress featured is lovely.


  2. alisabenay

    We haven’t found it yet. The fabrics above are the closest matches out there. I’m going to be working up a sample next week of a custom made dot fabric. I’ll post it here & you can see what you think.

  3. Cotton wedding dresses are soooooooooo lovely

  4. Ashley

    I just wanted to know where i can get the fabric 2nd from the bottom i’m making my own dress and i have been trying to find polka dots but i have given up so i’m liking the dasiy print please let me know

  5. Kelly

    HI Alisa-
    I am also looking for polka dot fabric for a custom made wedding gown. My mother will be making my dress. Where did you find the fabrics shown? I really love the small dots (third from the top on your post). Thank you for any help you can provide!

  6. lindsey

    does your offer to make this dress still stand? how much advance notice would you need? I too love this dress and cannot find it for sale anywhere! Let me know…

  7. Ausha

    HI! Its funny how I stumble across your page saying you can make this dress.. because I have been trying to find this dress for some time now! I can not find it anywhere. I wanted to know if you can still make this dress, and if so how much would something like this cost? If you could get ahold of me ASAP.. it would be very appreciated!!
    šŸ™‚ Have a nice day!

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  10. Crystal

    looking desperately for celeste pique dot wedding dress. If u are still making a replica please email photos to crystalbuckler@gmail.com along with pricing.

    Thank u so so much!!

  11. Sonia

    Hi found your blog while looking for this dress. I am from Kenya and desperately need this dress for my wedding. Were you able to find the exact fabric used? If so please email me your contacts, fees and how much time you would need.

  12. Erica

    Did you ever sew a dress similar? Do you still sew/sell custom dresses?

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