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New York, pt. 2

I’m back home.   Everything is unpacked & it’s time to get the pattern work going.  Tomorrow I meet with a potential venue for the March Launch Party.  Here are some other random pictures from New York.  I have a thing, as you will be able to see, for facades and frescoes.

Episcopal church around the corner from hotel.

“The Garment Worker”  I forgot to write down the artist’s name.  Judith something?

This one is for Kevin 😉

The Lions at the New York Public Library.

Also outside the Library.

WTF?  Seriously, anybody know what this is?  It was about 50 or so lawn jockey’s outside a club or restaurant of some sort.  I was walking from my hotel in Times Square up to FAO Shwartz.  Maybe 52nd or 53rd, between 6th & 5th?

St. Thomas’?  St. Peter’s?  Some such church.  Beautiful entrance.

The view from my hotel room.  Note to self: perhaps next time you will feel less pukey if located closer to the ground.

Thingy on the back of the taxi seat that tell you where you are.  Every 5 minutes Regis & Kelly come on to tell you to “tap” the screen “no need to hold the buttons down”.


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New York

I’m in New York this week sourcing for the next collection.  You’ll see some amazing changes in my branding & my look as the new collection comes out.  I won’t show you any complete designs until our marketing is absolutely ready to go, but I will do sneak peaks & hints.  Overall the line will still have at it’s core my ‘look’, which is the modern take on vintage style, but the new stuff is more marketable to the upscale boutique bride than it has been in the past.

Here’s the recap of my week so far.  Forgive me if I seem incoherent at times, I’ve been motion sick all day. Yes, you heard me right.  I’m motion sick in New York.  It’s windy & the buildings are moving & I feel awful.  Here’s a little of what I’ve done so far, though:


toured the Wedding Channel Couture Show.  It’s expensive, but a well put together show.  I’ve heard rumors from un-named sources, though, about a potential regular “bridal fashion week” in NYC next year.  Hoping that pans out so that I’ll have more options as a vendor.

met Ashley Fetherolf, an eco friendly fashion designer with a line of bridal wear.  We both showed up “early” for the group tour.  I put that in quotes b/c no one told either of us that there was a group tour & that it was at noon.  We ended up having a pancake lunch across the street before the tour got started.

Well, apparently I wasn’t supposed to, but I went upstairs to see Jolene Piccone from Veil Trends, who is my veil designer & was showing her own line at the Couture Show.  Total coincidence, but Cate Malone from The Little White Dress Shop from Castle Rock was in the room doing her ordering from Jolene as I walked in.

*****Dum, dum, dum dum……..Big Announcement Time………..Da, Da, Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum******

The Little White Dress Shop in Castle Rock, Colorado will be the exclusive Colorado home of my line.  That’s all you need to know for now, more details to come.

That’s Jolene on your left, me in the middle, & Cate on your right.

Monday afternoon I made it to Gelford’s lace & Schmalberg’s flowers.  WAIT until you see the flowers.  Hand made, hand dyed, beyond what you’ve ever dreamed.  To die for, no?

Monday night I had drinks across the street (oh, wait, I didn’t tell you, I’m staying in Times Square) with Cate & her husband & then we all went down & met her daughter & daughter’s boyfriend at a restaurant in the Meat Packing District called Spice Market.  Thai fusion?  Some sort of food like that.  Great food.  Way. too. much. alcohol.  There was pineapple mohitos & some sort of berry sangria & then ginger margaritas.    You have to understand that, for me, binge drinking is if Kevin & I happen to have gone out for supper & have a drink, then also go out again that same month & have another drink.


I walked the garment district from 9 am to 5 pm.  I couldn’t even begin to remember the number of stores I went to.  The big ones I remember were that I made it to Berensteins to meet Michael, who has been my sales rep for a couple of years now (always good to put a face with a name), got some lace there.  Found a lace store on 40th & 7th that carried some laces I’ll add to the line.  They’re  a jobber, so it’s still not quite wholesale for me, which is frustrating.  But they have the lace I want, so I’ll use them for now until I can figure out where it’s coming from.  Then I headed over to M & J Trim to finish up the day.  I already have an account with them & have some of their pieces that I know for sure that I’m using, but I wanted to walk to the store in person to see what else I might want.  Oh, & I found a place called Elegant Fabrics, or some such thing that has an English Cotton netting I’ve been looking for.

Tuesday night I went out with Kris Bush and Sandy (sorry, can’t remember her last name) from Get Married to Carmines.  I also got meet Harmony Walton from The Bridal Bar in LA.  Harmony has an amazing concept in one stop shopping for brides & I’ve known about her company through her blog for a while now.   She offered me a tremendous favor that I fully intend to take her up on.   I won’t say much more on that until the spring, just tuck it away in the back of your mind for now.  Fun things are on the way!


I had an appointment this morning with Ralph & Jessica from Alvanon.  They have dress forms  based on current sizing surveys.  They’re going to consult with me on my size chart so that is best reflects my customer & then I’ll get dress forms that match the size chart custom made for me.  Super cool stuff for all you tech heads out there.  Here’s Jessy:


Then I went to Solstiss, a french lace company.  I’ll summarize my meeting there by saying two things:

1) my entire line hinges around the things I found there today.  It was that good.

2) when it’s windy in New York, apparently it makes me motion sick.

I’ve spent most of the rest of the afternoon laying down trying not to puke.  The weather is supposed to be  better for the next two days, so I should feel better tomorrow.  I’m off to get ready for dinner with Katie Hellmuth from Collective-E and Fashionmista.  Ta-Ta for now.  More to come about New York later this week.


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Getting Started

I’ve been hinting for months that things have been moving at a frantic pace behind the scenes & now it’s time to let you in on the story.

When my Get Married television episode aired for the first time last November, I started to develop a national following for my line of vintage inspired bridal gowns. I’ve spent this entire past year talking with brides, event designers, bridal boutique owners, and other industry insiders. Overall, I have received amazing reviews of my line, but ultimately not a lot of sales. My business model at the time that the gowns were released was to work directly with the bride to create a completely customized gown. I’ve had the pleasure of creating several of these gowns over the past year, but ultimately I felt there was a larger audience for my designs. Earlier this spring I had a conversation with a dear friend & mentor lamenting how I knew what to do manufacture & distribute a clothing line, but it just wasn’t working with my current business model. Her advice? “Well, it sounds like you need to stop doing what you are doing & do what you need to do.”

So I started the process of making calls and inquiries. Lace, fabric, and trim suppliers; manufacturers; boutique owners; event designers; advertisers; pr firms; virtual assistants, receptionists, and book keepers; jewelry and veil designers; modeling agencies; photographers; stylists; make-up artists; and more. I asked what feels like millions of questions. The more I asked, the more the universe began to open up to my vision. As I worked towards putting together a formal business plan, the plan itself took on a life of it’s own and began to take off. It started out as my “dream big” project where I was putting together what I would do if time, money, and circumstances were no object and ended up becoming a reality. So much work has gone into this project already & right now is only the beginning.

Over the next few months you’ll get to see the behind the scenes events that shape a clothing line.  It’s a tremendous amount of work, but also tremendously fun.  We’re gearing up towards an official launch party in Castle Rock, Colorado in mid-March 2009.  I already have national television coverage confirmed and some other possible blow-your-mind possibilities in the works.  Hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do!

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testing facebook ap

don’t mind me, just testing out a facebook app

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