Sneak Peak of the Week, and other news


Here’s your very first sneak peak!  This was a muslin I fit this morning on my fit model.  This dress will be made from 2 shades of cream dupioni.  The flowers will be slightly different colors, but the box pleated ribbon trim is the actual ribbon.

On to other news.  I met last week with Ann White from Cherokee Ranch, which will be the venue for my launch party.  We’re confirmed for March 14 & 15!  If you ever wanted to get married in a Castle, this is the place to do it!  Here’s some photos I swiped from their site:


Breathtaking, no?  Don’t you want to get married there?  Just give Ann a call & she’ll set you up.  I’m not even giving you a look into the inside yet, you’ll see some amazing shots coming out of my photo shoots.  Including a knight in shining armor!

The same day I met with the castle, I also me with Kim Nodurft, my photographer.  We toured to castle together to get an idea of the layout for the launch party and also for the photo shoots that they have been gracious enough to allow us to do inside the castle.  We met with my new model, Christina, who’s a dream.  Here’s Kim & Christina:



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One response to “Sneak Peak of the Week, and other news

  1. Ashley

    Oh, that castle is gorgeous! Now I know where I want to get married, woe any man who proposes, he’ll have little left to help pick!

    It will be a great showcase for your gorgeous dresses too!

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