An open question for Wedding Designers & Event Planners

I’m hoping you can help me out with something.  I have a launch party coming up March 14 & 15 to debut my new couture line of bridal gowns, veils, and jewelry.  We’ve established our corporate culture to start from the beginning in a manner that will best serve, not just our bottom line, but be a benefit to everyone we encounter.  With that in mind, I try to look at what advantage am I giving to everyone involved in the launch event.   We’re offering complete concierge service for the weekend, shuttling everyone from the airport & also to the event itself, offering tours of the castle venue (it’s amazing!), and a discount ski package at a resort in Vail to round out the stay.

The Saturday evening event (March 14) is for boutiques from around the country and also for the press.  We already have confirmed national media coverage & are hoping for even more exposure.  There will be a runway show and a cocktail hour with live models displaying the gowns.  The Sunday afternoon (March 15) is for the Colorado bride to preview the line & set up an appointment to come in to my Colorado boutique, The Little White Dress Shop, and try on the dresses with the designer (me!).  Trunk show discounts will be offered for the week following the event.  Boutiques and brides alike will also have the opportunity to participate in our charitable initiative “100 brides for 100K” ™ that will benefit the Koman Foundation.

So now that you know what’s going on, here’s my question to you as an event planner:  How do I involve you?  Not only in the launch event, but in the time going forward from there.  My goal for the time from the launch party in March until we show at Market in New York in October is to create a national brand awareness campaign.  I want to go into market in October, not as the new kid on the block that’s just debuting, but as the up & coming designer that most everyone has heard the buzz about & can’t wait to meet (and has, just possibly, already started to stock in their store as an early adopter).  Quite a bit of a brand awareness campaign hinges on good buzz and excellent word of mouth and I am well aware that you event designers hold the biggest little black books in the business.  Just the few of you that I have had the privilege of getting to know so far have been amazingly helpful.  By just saying something as simple as “Oh, by the way, you should meet so-and-so…..” has turned into things for me like national media coverage & introduction to potential buyers.

I would like to create a network of event designers that I can be in continual contact with.  I want to give you updates on new styles, trunk shows in your local area that I may be doing,  and details about our company.  But I feel like I’m doing all that just to get something from you.  How can I give back to you?  What is it that you might like to have from me in exchange for some good blog love & possibly a few key introductions?  I really feel a bit stumped on this one & could use any assistance you are willing to offer.

Thanks so much, you’re the best!



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2 responses to “An open question for Wedding Designers & Event Planners

  1. Giving me up to the date information about what’s new and what you have planned, gives me the upper hand with my clients. So although you see it as taking..I see it as giving me what I need to do my job.

    I don’t accept kickbacks (and it’s a hot topic with planners) but I always welcome vendors who want to offer a discount or coupon to my clients. It can be small or big or an added perk for using you – it’s really what you feel most comfortable with.

    I love to feature great vendors and new vendor finds on my blog…and if you are able to feature some of the planners too…it can be a win-win for everyone.

    It sounds like you have a wonderful launch planned. I’m not able to come down to Colorado at that time, but I look forward to the opportunity to get a chance to meet you at a future event!

  2. This is a great question. As a local event planner and wedding blogger, I would say your best bet to help people like me get the word out is to create blog-friendly digital media packets so we can review your line and post about it to our readers and twitter followers. For example, if you send us an exquisite “inspiration board” that shows gowns and details, that we are permitted to repost, even if we aren’t able to view the line in person we can still comment on what we see and pass the word along. Best of luck with your endeavor!

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