Spare Parts

Well, if you think I’ve been remiss at posting over the holidays, you are correct. But I had a good reason.

On December 15th I was scheduled for a hysterectomy due to complications from fibroid tumors. We made it all the way to the hospital & 45 minutes before the procedure was supposed to have begun, found out that my insurance company had denied the surgery. Thank you very much Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Who, btw, will no longer be my insurance company as soon as this is all worked out.

So I went home that day (after getting treated to a steak lunch, I had been fasting all day for a 1 pm surgery & Kevin said I deserved a nice lunch at least from the ordeal) and started working on some further pattern work. I do have a launch party looming in the near future, after all. That Friday I became violently ill just completely out of the blue., and kept being sick all weekend. I ended up in the ER Monday night (the 22nd). I had gall stones stuck in my bile duct and apparently my body was, um….starting to shut down. I will not begin to describe the fun that causes. I’m nice like that. Don’t want to make you spew your coffee on the screen**. I had a scope procedure Tuesday morning & had the gall bladder surgery on Christmas Eve.

I did make it home late Wednesday night & slept on the recliner. Kevin slept on the sofa in case I needed anything I got to have cookies with Santa, so it all worked out. I’ve been slower to recover than I want to be, but am getting back to work slowly but surely. If you think I should be getting in touch with you about something but haven’t, please feel free to e-mail me a gentle nudge.

**And? I like to always have pictures with my posts. So I googled pictures of gall stones. And they were so disgusting that I didn’t post them here. See? I’m good to you. really.


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  1. Whoa. And happy holidays to you… What an ordeal!!!! So glad you made it through all that, though. Hope it didn’t ruin the holidays for you.

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