25 Random Things

I’m working hard & fast on delayed production issues this week to get us ready for Monday’s photo shoot.   I leave you today with my list of 25 Random Things, a Facebook chain mail thing:


1) I tagged every 3rd person on my list at random.

2) I got married when I was 21.  Which was apparently way before the rest of you.

3) I want to like coffee, but I don’t.  I will occasionally drink a latte, but it’s got to have flavored syrup in it.

4) I have never travelled internationally.  I’m not for sure how that happened.

5) I’m a night person.   But Kevin & the kids are not, so I have to work to adjust my body clock.  Left on my own, I would sleep from 1-9 am.

6) I love to read fiction.  Snarky chic lit is my favorite.

7) I worked for the state of Arkansas in the international economic development division once.  I know, that job doesn’t match up with the rest of my career, but there you go.

8) I gave birth w/o drugs once.  Not recommended, is all I have to say about that.

9) I was pregnant with my 3rd & visiting my parents in Arkansas when 9/11 happened.  The girls & I had tickets to fly back the next day & ended up stuck there another week.

10) I grew up in the Church of Christ, but have since left it.

11) I am a kick ass pattern maker.

12) I was Jr. Miss Faulkner County in 1989.  Which is totally embarrassing.

13) I am learning social networking & frustrated that it takes up so much of my day.

14) I rarely wear make-up.

15) My hair is naturally curly. Not curly enough to be cute, just annoying.  Which is why you’ve never seen it that way.

16) Random people in public yell at me.  It’s happened to much to be a coincidence.

17) I am a touch claustrophobic.  Like when I’m in an airplane & everybody stands up to leave, but you can’t move for 5 minutes.  I have to do Lamaze breathing through that.

18) My husband was a pastor for 17 years. Wait, that’s not about me.  But that means I was a pastor’s wife for several of those years.  Which people who know me now find shocking. J

19) I’m not very good at math.

20) I’m creeped out by spiders.  Not afraid of them, just totally freaked out by their existence.

21) I really love home made tapioca.

22) I haven’t had a pet since I was a kid.

23) I learned to shoot a gun when I was 8. 

24) My kids are 22 months apart.  Both times.  So my first was just past 3 ½ when my 3rd was born.

25) I’m not a very good cook.


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