Photo shoot: behind the scenes pictures

Yesterday was my first full photo shoot for the new dresses.  Below are candid shots from the day (and yes, you may also consider this your sneak peak of the week, b/c you’re seeing two dresses you haven’t seen before.)   Overall is was a great day; exhausting, freezing cold, but much fun.


This is my favoite picture of the candids.  It was blindingly white outside this window w/frost & snow on a pine tree right outside.  It was a great contrast to the dress & I can’t wait to see the real pics.



My model, Christina getting her hair done by Tasha Valenti


Kim getting shots of Christina in the window.  This one is fun b/c it shows her barefoot.  There are lots of things you find out in the pattern making / production process.  Like that you forgot to mention to your pattern maker how tall your models are.


Touch up between shots.


Margo Trueblood, my Director of Sales & Marketing, steaming the Millicent veil.  Did I mention that every one of my gowns have matching veils?  You’ll want to know that for future reference.  And if you’re one of the 300 stores on our contact list, you’ll be talking to Margo here shortly.  And if you’re not on our list & want to be, please let us know!


Tada!  The Millicent. 


In case you haven’t started to notice, this is the coolest castle ever.


Notice everyone wearing coats?  It was freezing in there!  It was about 11 degrees outside & I’m not sure it was much warmer inside.  Poor Christina kept covering up with a tablecloth we swiped off a side table.


And here’s the Beatrice.  And Kim directing the pose.  Awesome doors, no?  Not so awesome?  The lint, dirt, & grass from the tile floor that kept getting on the dress hem.  Where, I ask you, is grass coming from in the middle of a snow storm in Colorado?  We have to import grass in the summer & treat it like royalty just for it to stay around until October.

Directly to the right of whoever took this shot is a Reuben.  Painting.  gah.  And there’s a Rembrandt in the dining room. 


A crew shot.  That’s Ricardo, Kim’s lighting guy holding the little lighting thingy.  And Tasha, the hair person, in the coat.  And Katelyn Simpkins, the make up artist, in the jean jacket.  Plus Kim & I.  I think I’m eating.  Which I’ve decided to stop doing after seeing photos of myself.

This is the room where the runway show will be.  March 14 & 15.  Let us know if you want to come.  We’re giving away cool stuff.  You’ll want to be there.  🙂


Great view of the gigantic flower.  This dress is a little bit sweet & a little bit sassy.  Because I know you are, too. 🙂  And you can see the clothes pins on the back of the gown.  Because Christina is too skinny to talk about.


It was a great day & I can’t wait to get started on the next 5 gowns.  Those will be shot in the same location on March 2.  The gowns above are already for sale in The Little White Dress Shop in Castle Rock, Colorado.  The entire line will be ready for retail sale at our launch party, March 14.  But if you are interested in carrying some of the gowns ahead of time, please contact us & we’ll get you set up.  If you are a bride looking for my gowns in your local area, please let us know where you are.  As I mentioned, we have just over 300 stores that we are targeting & we will do our best to find one near you that will help you find the gown you want!



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3 responses to “Photo shoot: behind the scenes pictures

  1. What a fun day this was! You guys are all a pure delight to work with. For the record, I’m not eating any more either. Its time to start “liquifying” in Photoshop. 🙂

  2. Kelly

    I love the shots of the Beatrice dress. Can you tell me more about the veil that Christina is wearing? Hope the runway show and launch party went well!

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