Launch party candids

Here a just a couple of candid shots from the end of the day yesterday.  The launch weekend was fantastic and there are some super secret amazing (as in the blow your mind kind!) details in the works which you will find out about very soon.  Over the course of the week I’ll have more photos & details about the weekend to show you.  I am completely blown away by the response from the gowns & can’t wait to share it all with you.  My mind (& my feet) are overworked.  We’re re-grouping today & getting the gowns ready to head up to Little White Dress for the trunk show.

We had the wonderful Scott from Ambassadors Rolls Royce Limousine Service bring out the most georgeous vintage limosines to the show and were able to take the models out at the end of the day to catch some fun candids with the cars.   If you are in Colorado & have limo needs, please give Scott a call.  He’s super cool & will treat you like a queen.









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5 responses to “Launch party candids

  1. Beautiful!!! So happy it went well.
    Was dying to hear all weekend.

  2. noel alvarez


    yippee!! I am so happy for you! The gowns are just beautiful and I am thrilled everything went as planned, despite the invitation debacle – I had a great laugh, though relieved it worked out.

    Tons of success to you, and can’t wait for more pictures and updates to your new line!
    noel alvarez

  3. Alisa,
    My heart is just swelling with pride for you…seeing these pics makes me a little misty-eyed. I am SO proud of you.
    Congrats on everything.
    Kris Bush
    Bachelorette Boutique

  4. Kim

    Alisa, congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! I am so proud to see how far you’ve come from our playgroup days, when you’d talk about all the things you wanted to do with your sewing talent. You are incredible! Hi to the kiddos!

    Kim Cox

  5. Lindsay McCoy

    You’re gowns are beautiful! I am truly amazed. I always knew you were a designer but oh my goodness! Good luck with everything. Tell everyone we say hello!

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