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Get Married episode coming soon!


The episode of Get Married featuring my launch party and runway show will air Monday, May 11 on Lifetime Network at 7:30 am EST.  I can’t wait to see it!!!!  If you happen to miss it, you can catch it online (I’ll post the link as soon as it’s up) or it will air again on May 27th.



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Sneak Peek of the Week

I have a photo shoot on Monday for 4 dresses, matching veils, and jewelry.   Just wanted to show you a quick peak at my 2nd cameo.  You’ll see more photos both here & on the website by the end of  next week.dsci0094

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Friday I had a photo shoot with the re-make of the Josephine gown.  This was just a quick photo shoot to get the new pictures up on the website before the save the date cards go out for the launch party, but I’m very pleased.  This is also your indroduction to Christina, my new spokesmodel.  She’s so beautiful & really represents my customer perfectly.   And, yes, the necklace is part of my new collection!


Josephine & 2 other gowns will be in The Little White Dress Shop by the end of the month, and the remaining 5 debut collection gowns will be there by the end of February.  There will also be 8 veils and 4 necklaces as well. 

Please contact Margo Trueblood, my Director of Sales & Marketing at 719.650.8502 or for information about how to find our gowns in a salon near you or information about attending out launch party March 14 & 15.


For information about editorial coverage, please contact

Jennifer Smith Tapp

All photography courtesy of Kim Nodurft

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Sneak peak of the week

Well, I was trying to make sneak peaks just little bits of each piece without showing you the whole thing.  Then I opened my e-mail just now & got this picture from my jewelry designer:


I’m just too excited not to share it with you.  It’ll be here for the photo shoot on Friday, so you’ll see better pics next week on the website.  It’s made from freshwater pearls & swarovski crystals.   squeeeeeee!!!

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Getting Started

I’ve been hinting for months that things have been moving at a frantic pace behind the scenes & now it’s time to let you in on the story.

When my Get Married television episode aired for the first time last November, I started to develop a national following for my line of vintage inspired bridal gowns. I’ve spent this entire past year talking with brides, event designers, bridal boutique owners, and other industry insiders. Overall, I have received amazing reviews of my line, but ultimately not a lot of sales. My business model at the time that the gowns were released was to work directly with the bride to create a completely customized gown. I’ve had the pleasure of creating several of these gowns over the past year, but ultimately I felt there was a larger audience for my designs. Earlier this spring I had a conversation with a dear friend & mentor lamenting how I knew what to do manufacture & distribute a clothing line, but it just wasn’t working with my current business model. Her advice? “Well, it sounds like you need to stop doing what you are doing & do what you need to do.”

So I started the process of making calls and inquiries. Lace, fabric, and trim suppliers; manufacturers; boutique owners; event designers; advertisers; pr firms; virtual assistants, receptionists, and book keepers; jewelry and veil designers; modeling agencies; photographers; stylists; make-up artists; and more. I asked what feels like millions of questions. The more I asked, the more the universe began to open up to my vision. As I worked towards putting together a formal business plan, the plan itself took on a life of it’s own and began to take off. It started out as my “dream big” project where I was putting together what I would do if time, money, and circumstances were no object and ended up becoming a reality. So much work has gone into this project already & right now is only the beginning.

Over the next few months you’ll get to see the behind the scenes events that shape a clothing line.  It’s a tremendous amount of work, but also tremendously fun.  We’re gearing up towards an official launch party in Castle Rock, Colorado in mid-March 2009.  I already have national television coverage confirmed and some other possible blow-your-mind possibilities in the works.  Hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do!

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J Crew Celeste Pique Dot Dress

J Crew Celeste

I have a new client who has been franticly searching for the J Crew Celeste Pique Dot Gown for her destination wedding next summer. I’m going to be making her a replica of the gown & am currently searching for the right fabric. I have several contacts in New York & will being going there myself in October, so I’m confidant we’ll find an extremely similar fabric. The polka dots are just so unique!

I’ve seen on several websites that quite a few people are looking for this gown, so I thought I would let it be known that I can make this for you. I have found several different dot fabrics and some other similar in style white on white fabrics, but am still looking for something that is exactly the same. It can also be made in several white cotton or silk fabrics shown below.

The dot or print gown is $1450 and the plain white is $1200, plus shipping and handling.

If you have any other gowns that have been discontinued that you would like made, please let me know. I won’t copy anything that is currently available from retailers, but I’m happy to help you create something that just isn’t available on the current market. I’m an aspiring designer myself & I won’t attempt to undercut another designers work or income. Also, I usually can’t make it for less than the existing retail price, so you have no advantage having me make something that’s currently in stores. Feel free to contact me at any time with your needs & I’ll be happy to talk with you!

Here’s some of the current selections of fabric for the J Crew Celeste:
















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